An underground alien base in the remote Siberian taiga

D Model Kratera
D Model Kratera

One unbiased look at a huge stone mountain from a fresh mound of crushed stone blocks in an impassable (for land transport) wild taiga is enough to say that this is not a natural formation and not the work of modern man. The mountain looks like a volcano crater, but it is not a volcano. “Then what is it?”

Some scientists say that the mystery of the “Patom crater” has not yet been solved, but has not been solved, perhaps because they do not dare to name what they have found.
As the brilliant French thinker and philosopher of the XVIII century Claude Helvetius noted: “Misconceptions are sometimes such that their further construction requires more consideration and intelligence than the discovery of Truth.”

“Patomsky crater” is located in an inaccessible remote deserted place, on the Patomsky mid-mountain massif, about 600 kilometers northeast of Lake Baikal, in the forested hills of the Bodaibinsky district of the Irkutsk region.

For science, the crater was discovered by geologist Vladimir Kolpakov in 1949.
The crater is shaped like a truncated cone, its height is about 40 meters. It consists of an embankment of crushed stones (limestone), mostly up to 1 meter in size, there are blocks of 5 m or more. The top of the truncated crater cone is 76 meters in diameter. Along the perimeter of the peak, the stones sometimes lie in two rows. Closer to the center there is an annular moat with a diameter of about 34 meters. In the very center of the crater there is a round spherical slide, like a half of a ball, about 12-15 meters high.

The local Evenks and Yakuts have known about the existence of this crater for a long time. They called it the “Nest of the Fiery Eagle.” The legend of the crater has been passed down from generation to generation and must not have been born from scratch. Perhaps their ancestors saw in that area a passing meteorite, a comet or some kind of luminous object that “landed on the nest.” After climbing the mountain, people saw a depression, and in the center of the hill looked like an egg. Tying everything together, that’s what they called it: “The nest of the Fiery Eagle.”

The first scientific expedition to the Patom Crater was in 1963, followed by several more. No meteoritic matter was found on the crater. The researchers analyzed over 800 kilograms of soil in the vicinity of the crater and found microscopic metal balls of magnetized ironstone in the samples under a microscope. There are 101 balls in total, ranging in size from 0.5 – 120 microns (curved metal-colored microscopic plastics resembling steel chips were also found in the samples). Similar “balls” were previously found all over the world: in Antarctica, Greenland, in sedimentary rocks taken at depth from the ocean floor, on beaches, in ancient earth sediments, on roofs of houses, in a word, everywhere. Science calls them cosmic dust (micro meteorites), which falls on earth by the ton every day. According to the results of their research, scientists have firmly stated that the crater is by all indications not a meteorite impact, not an explosion of a space object and not a volcano.

Then what is it?

The radioactive background in the vicinity of the crater is 11 microns/hour (in cities, on average, 9-15 microns/hour), and on the crater itself, radiation on a stone placer is 5 microns/hour. That is, there is nothing unusual about the radioactive background either.

According to the annual rings on the cuttings of live and dry larches at the base of the embankment, scientists have determined the approximate age of the crater formation from 280- 500 years ago. The oldest larch on the slope of the crater’s scree began to grow in 1770.

Official science is lost in guesses and at the same time does not dare to cross the forbidden “line” that they have set themselves. Some people stubbornly believe that extraterrestrial aliens can never arrive on Earth, since the nearest stars are very far away. If we can’t, then they can’t either, they think.
Orthodox monks in the Middle Ages also did not believe that the Earth was round and revolved around the Sun, and freethinkers who disagreed with them were sometimes sent to the stake. Later, militant dogmatists did not believe that microbes existed on Earth. They didn’t believe until free minds invented the microscope. Numerous oral testimonies of people in different countries and at different times, photos and videos of UFOs – in itself is proof.
As Galileo Galilei said: “Only with the death of dogma does science begin.”

Let’s list below what researchers have discovered so far, talked about it in their articles, books, scientific reports and try to explain it.
One of the keys to solving the “Patom crater” is its unusual shape.
If you understand how it was created, then you can answer some “riddles”.

Scientists said that at the top of the crater, a shaft of stones runs around the circumference, which in places consists of two parallel rows. Moreover, the outer row of the shaft is younger, and the inner one is older. – How can I explain this?

“Patomsky crater” on the slope of a hill covered with forest. View from the south-west side. A picture from a helicopter. (A picture from free access on the Internet).

If you look very carefully at the picture (this is more noticeable in close-up), then the embankment at the top of the crater has a more “fresh”, and in color a lighter belt, on which there are no trees yet. The width of this young belt is about 20-30 meters. Its angle of inclination is several degrees steeper than the main slope. If you imagine that this belt of embankment does not exist (if you mentally remove it), then projecting up the plane of the old scree … – it will come out at an angle of inclination to the older, inner ridge of the shaft.

The inner row of the ring shaft and the old embankment are a single whole formed at the same time. And the outer ridge and the young belt are formations created later.
In the foreground of the image, it can be seen that the inner row of the shaft is separated from the outer row by a long narrow strip of trees.

This young belt makes up approximately 5% of the total volume of the crater embankment.
How did it happen that the young belt and the rows of the shaft at the top of the crater are separated?

This could happen if a new portion of crushed stones was “crumbled” on the old embankment of the crater from above along the entire perimeter. As if the “fire eagle” was digging up its nest and throwing stones out. Then a really fresh embankment will differ from the old one in its “youth” and slightly steeper slope. This can be seen in the photo of the crater. It follows from this that the two shafts are two different and time–separated mounds of stones.


The mass of the crater stones is estimated to be about one million tons.
Taking into account the density of limestone, it turns out about 0.5 million cubic meters. (For comparison, the volume of the stone blocks of the pyramid of Cheops is 2.58 million cubic meters).

Half a million cubic meters of stones were lifted to the surface from underground through a vertical shaft under the crater. Who and how was able to excavate the mountainside 280-500 years ago, how to raise solid rock to the surface, how to crush it and scatter it evenly along the perimeter? – Based on the huge amount of work and the result, it is already clear that everything was done using highly advanced technology, which humanity does not have.

For example, Ninel Kulagina (1926 – 1990) from the mountains, known to the scientific world in the 60 – 80s of the XX century. Leningrad could move various light objects with the energy of the field of her palms: a plastic compass, a box of matches, pencils, and so on. Her abilities were studied by dozens of doctors of sciences from various institutes of the USSR and from other countries. Scientists have accurately measured everything, recorded it, even made a film (there is a video on the Internet), wrote many scientific articles, but none of them could understand the nature of the action of forces.

Imagine that the aliens know the force of the field, applied it, then all the stones (including that huge 9-meter block at the base of the embankment, which the researchers named “refrigerator” for its shape and size), becoming weightless, would fly out of the crater shaft themselves “at the behest of the pike – alien will”.))

Or there was no field effect, but there was a mechanical effect. – For example, a mine was drilled and rock was extracted from the ground with a huge rotor. The fact is that around the crater, researchers found many larches with mechanical damage. They even found a hole from a stone in the trunk of one.
When large blocks of limestone were crushed, it happened that individual stones flew in all directions like “bullets” at high speed. Fragments of the shell of a durable walnut fly about the same way from a strong blow to it.

According to the annual rings, the researchers calculated that mechanical damage to the trees was caused in 1841-1842. It is possible that the outer shaft of stones at the top and the young belt were filled in, just at the same time.

At the base of the embankment, in places, there are huge blocks of stone several meters in size. Apparently, they rolled down from the top when the rock was taken out of the crater shaft, scattering it in a circle at the top. Individual large boulders, rolling down, felled and broke the trees below, which are now there.

The third.

Electromagnetic reconnaissance has established that the crater channel is filled with rocks, the same as the entire embankment. An unknown metallic object of high electrical conductivity was discovered in the channel of the crater, presumably running at right angles into the mountain slope, at a depth of about 100-120 meters.

Its shape resembles a cylinder (or spindle). Researchers disagree on the size of the object. Some called it 6-16 meters long and about 3 meters in upper diameter. Others say that the object is much larger (up to 600 meters), it is deeper, and the projection (to the surface) of its center is located 400 meters south of the crater (downhill towards the stream). Scientists cautiously suggested that it could be non-freezing salt water surrounded by permafrost.

What kind of mysterious metal cylinder is in the crater shaft and what kind of huge underground object of high electrical conductivity is under the crater?

If the volume of the outer stones of the crater, raised from the ground, is about 0.5 million cubic meters, then this means that exactly this volume (or slightly less, taking into account the density of the crushed rock) the object (or room) is located under the crater.

The vertical shaft of the crater, through which the rock was lifted to the surface, has a diameter of at least 10 meters, since there are blocks of maximum size up to 9 meters in the embankment of the crater. Most likely, the lifting shaft was much larger – up to 30 meters in diameter. The crushed stone, which was lifted and scattered around the perimeter, rolled in both directions – outside (to the forest) and inside the “nest”. This is how an annular moat was formed in the center of the crater – between the shaft and the central slide.

A metal cylinder located at a depth of 100-120 meters can be: a sluice entrance to an underground room, a research probe, a receiver-transmitter or have any other purpose.
If we assume that the “cylinder” is an alien ship made of high-strength material that crashed and crashed into a rock with speed, then there would be a deep pit at the crash site, but there is an embankment there.

If we assume that, some time later in 1842 (or earlier), an alien rescue expedition was digging a mine, trying to extract a cylinder from the rock, but could not do it for some reason, after which it buried the raised rock back into the pit, then again there would not be such a large volume of soil on the surface that We can see it now. This means that there was no UFO accident and the object was placed underground purposefully.

What is in the huge underground room of high electrical conductivity is not known. It is possible that an alien base filled with equipment is underground.

Since 1842, over the next 40 years, a significant increase in the width of the annual rings was found on the cuttings of trees, that is, the trees grew faster. Also, more radioactive elements were found in the wood (strontium is 2 times more and uranium is 3 times more). After a forty-year period of accelerated growth, there was a sharp narrowing of the rings and a return to normal. Scientists say that tree roots can absorb more radiation as the earth’s temperature increases.

How can we explain the increased amount of radiation in the rings of trees?

If the power plant at the underground alien base had been operating in active mode for 40 years since 1842, then it could produce heat, which warmed the land in the area. For this reason, the trees grew better, their annual rings expanded rapidly, and the wood absorbed more radiation from the soil. It is possible that after that the power system suspended its active phase of operation, went into standby mode or was completely mothballed.
It is not known in what mode the underground base is currently operating.

What task did the database perform?

It is likely that the aliens studied the processes taking place inside our planet, conducted observation and analysis, periodically visited the object, checked and updated its contents. The “Fire Eagle” flew to its “nest”. He was digging up the shaft to the cylinder. Removing stones from the mine, he poured an outer ring shaft and a young belt encircling the crater. Having completed what was required, he backfilled the entrance to the mine. As a result, a smooth stone hill was formed from above.
By the way, people saw something similar on the television news when the American rover drilled holes in the surface on the planet Mars and took soil from them for analysis. – That is, the logic of researchers’ behavior is similar here and there.

On the air of Komsomolskaya Pravda radio in March-April 2022, a reading of the book “The Riddle of the Patomsky Crater” took place. At the end of the radio broadcast, it was said that a new scientific expedition might be organized to the crater in August 2022 under the auspices of the editorial board.
The expedition actually took place in late August – early September 2022. During which a georadar survey of the crater was carried out, see the article “KP” in detail.

Unfortunately, judging by these published materials of the GPR survey, new knowledge about the contents inside the crater has not been added. Since there are no conclusions from the survey in the materials.

Fig.3. 3D volumetric model of the Patom crater. Photo: LLC “VNIISMI Company”. A picture from free access on the Internet.

The georadar image (3 D model of the crater) is beautiful, similar to the “tentacles of a green jellyfish”, but not informative.

The picture represents a longitudinal section (along the profiles of the passage of the GPR tape). If there were more GPR passes, the result would be the same. Because the presence of a sparse rock density consisting of crushed stones in the crater mine could be said without GPR sounding.

The mine is empty. There is nothing in it except a mound of crushed stones. The mine is just an entrance to an underground room. And the object itself, as mentioned above (in the volume of soil raised to the surface – 500,000 cubic meters) is located at a depth at the very end of the mine. The volume of 500,000 kbm. is a large room, approximately 100 x 100 x 50 meters in size.

It makes sense (if the technical capability of the GPR used allows) to further explore the very center in the depth of the mine in order to understand what is there and the second direction is to explore the underground cavity from which the stone was extracted (400 meters south in the direction of the stream).

Ending the topic.
P.S. Our planet Earth is about 4.44 billion years old, the Sun is 4.57 billion, and the age of the universe is estimated at 13.8 billion. Comparing these figures, it is clear that life on Earth is much younger.
When there was still no Earth and Sun, when they were cosmic dust (or other earlier planets consisted of their matter), then life in the Universe already existed and developed for several billion years.

What level of development and knowledge has life in the universe reached during this time?
In the universe (taking into account how new planets arise and old planets die), there is undoubtedly more, as well as less developed life. It is foolish to think that there is no life in the universe.

More advanced aliens observe people on Earth – how they in their madness acquire material “riches” they do not need, how they rob each other, fight among themselves for power, how they kill their own kind. They, of course, will not come into contact with underdeveloped humanity and will not transfer their knowledge to people. Because they understand that an unintelligent humanity (and slavishly not even free in its actions) turns all the knowledge gained to its own detriment: to develop new weapons, to enslave and destroy its own kind. – You know yourself that: “You can’t give matches to children.”))

Aliens have been monitoring the development of humanity for hundreds of years.
Some newly arrived “guests” are studying various biological forms of life on the planet. In poorly accessible uninhabited areas (in the mountains, in the seas, in the taiga), they have bases for observing tectonic processes occurring inside the planet, for example, the same “Patom crater”. It is possible that they keep some samples of earthly life there, in case humanity destroys itself in its madness. In general, it is not known what they store there. Most likely, the base has fulfilled its mission and is mothballed (abandoned along with all the equipment).

Sometimes alien ships land in densely populated places and leave greeting messages to earthlings in wheat fields – bizarre “congratulatory” pictures over which “scientific” humanity has been “racking its brains” to no avail for years.

It is likely that the aliens voluntarily assumed the responsibility of protecting the Earth from large comets and meteorites, exploding them in the atmosphere on approach to Earth. This is humane and reasonable in relation to humanity.
For example, on June 30, 1908, the Tunguska meteorite exploded above the Earth at an altitude of 10 km. If it had not exploded in the atmosphere, then, based on the trajectory of its flight, it would have passed casually along the Ground. The meteorite would have plowed through a huge trench and, possibly, wiped out many cities from the face of the planet, starting from the Urals and beyond: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and others.
Another example that contemporaries observed was the Chebarkul meteorite split in the sky over the Southern Urals on February 15, 2013. There is a video of that on the Internet.
Aliens have been living on Earth for a long time. There are more than enough desert places for them on continents and in the oceans. They’ve studied the Earthlings and they don’t need to meet them.

People still do not know what their own life is, what its essence is, what is the carrier matter of all life (“Vitavorod”). – Therefore, they cannot imagine how life can exist on other planets, how and in what forms of matter it manifests itself.
The “Patom crater” has been around for hundreds of years, but people found it only recently and will be wondering what it is for another hundred years. They will not be able to excavate this stone mountain. They do not have any technical capability for this, and they will not do it if they wish, because the resources of modern states are not directed towards these goals.

Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences are also interested in the mysterious topic of the mystery of the crater’s origin. An article about this was published in the journal “Energy” No. 3 for 2023. Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Simultaneously with the publication of the material in the journal Energia of the Russian Academy of Sciences on March 27, 2023, the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences opened a scientific program for the study of UFO materials.

It is impossible for a lot of people around the world to see something that is not there.
Humanity’s path to new knowledge is not an easy one. There are many obstacles to overcome and a lot of work to do, but there is no other way for people to develop.

Writer : Vladimir Garmatyuk
Vologda, Russia

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