An Unsatisfied Buyer’s Review Of The Malata Max 4

A plain look at the Malata Max 4 would get someone moved to think it is a great smartphone, especially based on its appearance.

Malata Max 4
Malata Max 4

The usability of the Malata Max 4 is quite ineffective despite the fact that the manufacturers of the phone have specified the phone to have a random access memory (RAM) of 1 GB.

Malata Max 4
Malata Max 4
The 1 GB RAM said to be on the phone would make one think that the phone is faster than the majority of the devices that prevail in the market. The Malata Max 4 has the tendency to ‘hang’ even when only a few

The Malata Max 4 has the tendency to ‘hang’ even when only a few
applications are under use. It is not usual for a phone with a high random access memory to slow down when only a few applications are up and running on the phone. The usability of the Malata Max 4 has become negatively affected by the fact that it is not fast enough to support the running of many applications at the same time, which is a feature preferred by the majority of users. The slow nature of the phone is also experienced once you power on the phone and input the registration PIN. The phone takes a longer time
before registering the PIN and this can make people near you to have a sneak on your personal PIN of the phone before it finally registers.

The layout of the Max 4 is also very bubbly and you would confuse it for a child’s gadget because the designer of the layout did not consider the fact that the phone would get utilised by different users. The user interface of the phone does not provide the enhanced user experience for the business class and the
fashionable class in the market. The usage of the Malata Max 4 has also revealed that the phone has a poor google GPS navigation that can not rely on important events. The GPS of the phone does not provide the exact location of the users that you require locating the device and only provides the general location of the individuals. The phone is also very hard on the power, thus, requiring the user to charge the phone at least three times every day. The situation depicts that the Malata Max 4 has a poor battery that would not be

The situation depicts that the Malata Max 4 has a poor battery that would not be reliable to the user because it is impossible for the battery to last for mere 12 hours even with little usage of
the device. The fun of any smartphone would get determined by the presence of a nice camera that has great clarity, which makes the user have a photograph’s craze using the device.

The camera that comes with the Malata Max 4 has low-quality and it captures photographs with poor clarity compared to the majority of the smartphones in the market. Both the rear camera and the front camera have poor clarity. The Max 4 also has a trend where the contacts regularly stop working even when the storage has not tampered. The situation can last for several minutes before the contacts get displayed again on the phone. The applications in this device also experience frequent crashes, which reduce the
efficiency of the phone. The user has to uninstall the crashing applications so as to make the phone work well.

The specifications of the device assert that it has waterproof capabilities but if you drop the phone in water it would power off, thus, portraying that it is not waterproof. The low performance of the phone Malata Max 4 shows that the phone does not have the capability to operate using the specifications that are provided
to the users before its purchase. The phone does not function according to the features that the company claims it would offer the users.

Lastly, after having developed a factory error and was taken to their customer care here in Lagos for repair…It is taking them over 2 months and still no help in the sight of when the repair will be done…

If you have a similar experience with them, pls kindly comment below and don’t forget to share.


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