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Anambra Elections: We Have Contenders And Pretenders


Like it or not, believe it or dis-believe, the hard truth is that ANAMBRA CENTRAL SENATORIAL ZONE is the center of attraction come this FEBRUARY election.


We have contenders ,pretenders and ndi ejim mezue, but do not take my word for it,after all my friend Ikewelugo will say ?atuputa nkita akpi ,egosi ya ,ka oghari iche na aturu ya mbo?.
Show me bu gosim and I am here to gosi anyi the way forward, I want to run a concise analogy of the candidates and zero down to THE SENATOR kwesiri.

We have DR CHRIS NGIGE,ONWA NA ALOR, he is a man that act his size ,he knows how to maximize noise and he knows how to play politics of pity .He was once a GOVERNOR sorry about that statement ,he was once sneaked in through Okija shrine and held the state in utter provocation with his dogfather Eselu Uga ,they ruined the state for 3 years plus and left us in total collapse but thank goodness that he gave us OKWUTE who came in with AKA GUM and taught the state how to live our life according to our earnings.

Ngige went to Senate, another fraudulent acquisition against the AMAZON of AGULU ,Late Prof Dora Akunyili. For over 2 years in the senate ,he did not sponsor any BILL nor even voted in one sponsored by another,the only thing I can add as his achievement in the Senate is that he joined FASHOLA to deport Umuigbo and he stood up and defended that aborminable act. Then he desecrated our land by importing minions from the west to come and humiliate the REVERED OBI OF ONUICHA on his Last OFALLA. The truth bun a Obi furu ofo na ani ,welu si NGIGE nya dalu zie election jebe and who are we ije gbalu ya ogu nya ndi muo ?

Truth is that NGIGE has paid his price in the state ,that he joined a party of losers did not help his spiral down fall. He has been placing 3rd every time he contest election in our state and this time ,odachasia oga akpotoba onu na ani.

ANNIE OKONKWO ?okpo fa ndi azu ,aguba ndi ga azo Senate Annie esolu kwuputa ?,I AM sure those sponsoring him want him to fly PDP FLAG ,so that it will be a no contest for Victor Umeh ,,next

SIR VICTOR UMEH ?This is a man that has done more evil to APGA than any other person living and even the dead ones,he is the current CHAIRMAN ,CURRENT SECRETARY,CURRENT NWC because he is the only NWC member,HE is the current STATE CHAIRMAN of APGA,the screening committee of APGA,the Ward delegate ,the Deputy Governor of Anambra state ,the Co-ordinator of campaigns of APGA and lastly the Senatorial aspirant of the Party .

My old man will shout UCHU GBA KWA IFE OJOOOOOOOOOO,how can a man whose Town OSTRASIZED ,who sponsored the Igwe of his town and the people cried that as long as Umeh stood behind the Igwe that they won,t have anything to do with the man that he is tainted . His candidate for Igwe of AGULU UZOIGBO failed as naturally as it will be.
Umeh sponsored the PG of the town and the entire town cried ebewu and voted them out into trash can ,then Umeh used the state that always do his biddings and institute a Care taker committee but in reaction ,the entire town sued him and made a serious pronouncement that anybody that ever visits him henceforth or have anything to do with his surrogates including the Care takers will pay the town 30,000 naira fine in cash not with cheques .

The worrisome question is why do APGA WARD CHAIRMEN ,NWC ,STATE CHAIRMAN all kept quiet and Sir Umeh is holding the general money meant for them and going into election ?. Fa amam gbaya ezigbo akwukwo to enable him pay them what is due for them ,oburu godi some part ?

Imagine for 8 years he was collecting 20million for APGA WARDS,20 MILLION FOR APGA NATIONAL ,10 million for APGA expansion and collect 15% from contractors that worked in the state.

Currently he is collecting 120 million Naira monthly from the incumbent .
So tell me where will he buy the credibility to win election ,somebody should tell him ka oje parkia ofuma na akuku main road.

IYOM UCHE EKWEUNIFE ,AGADA AGA ,NWANYI na emesi ife ike 1 ,I do not endorse politicians because fa na anacha ka akwa but this woman called Uche she showed that she is from a different bleed,I did not understand why by mere mention of her name Sir Victor Umeh will start having obala mgbani elu ? ,I was scratching my head why the state wanted to hire people that will Burn her Buses and Cars ,I wonder why her Bill boards where defaced and also why she was refused to erect bill boards ? .

I wonder why so much fear and hatered steaming from High places ,then I made my research and saw that what she did in her days at the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES are greater than what our Senators put together did within 9 years ..So if she is giving a level playing field ,ochiri ndia taa ka ground nut.

Like I always say ,I do not talk the talk ,I show the show and because truth is our standard,I am going to take a long week or even more ,giving us everday what she did ,where she did it and why we must encourage ANNIE OKONKWO ,CHRIS NGIGE AND TOMB RAIDER TO VOTE FOR HER ,SORRY I MEAN TO COLLAPSE THEIR CAMPAIGN INTO HER OWN FOR A BETTER ANAMBRA CENTRAL AND ALAIGBO IN GENERAL ,,,,THE PRESENTATION WILL BE CAPTIONED ?THE LADY WITH MIDAS TORCH ,,IT will be in series and in advance I do not make apologies on my presentations because this is my own SENATORIAL DUTIES that I am doing and if you don,t like it ,,SIMPLY ASK YOUR PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR IYOM EKWUNIFE and you in protest ,,SIMPLY vote for UCHE EKWUNIFE and forget IYOM ?enjoy..

Mazi Odera

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