man with flute
man with flute
I greet you as usual on our TUESDAY REPORT CARD,I thank God for another Tuesday and another opportunity to present my MINORITY REPORT CARD to you .

man with flute
man with flute
I want to give you an EXPO on your ACCOUNTANT GENERAL ,as that is the only office that has the powers to manage the state account ,so if there are short comings ,we hold Her responsible and as such I am about to hold her responsible for the ills that has befallen our state finance.
I have reported how she withdrew the sum of 8 BILLION NAIRA from MDG account and render that section insolvent ,forcing MDG to abandon all the Jobs in the state ,MDG was a powerful org that worked very well during the last Government, so well it worked that in the entire nation, ANAMBRA became the highest beneficial of MDG because they ran the program so transparent and efficient ?and produced excellent results that are impeccable .
ANAMBRA received the HIGHEST grant from MDG in the entire nation ,despite the fact that some other states started implementing MDG many years beforeANAMBRA ANAMBRA state ,but owing to the humility of Gov Obi and management skill of Prof ?Stella Okunna ,they were able to make MDG work seriously in our favor.
Kindly ask the MDG OFFICE if there is any on going MDG program in the state or if they have paid the last contractors that worked on MDG project that has outstanding balance .Under Obi ,I know that contracts In the state goes thus,,you get a letter of GUARRANTTEE from your Bank and you will get 30% as mobilization fee and after you finished the 30% there will be inspection of the job to see if you used the fund to do the project , and another 30% will be paid after satisfying the inspectors on the work done so far, then with the second payment they expect you to finish the Job and get the certificate of the work and they pay you the balance.
So those that did not finish and generate the certificate before handover ,I am sure some of them are still whistling for the money.
Sir, ask the MDG office to give you an update and if they are finding it difficult to carry it on ,you can ask PROF OKUNNA to run as a consultant on MDG for you ,that way ,you will see a brand new life on that sector.
I will not go into IGR account and management ,I will not go into the FOREIGN CURRENCY account , the romance and touching body that is going on in and around it ,I will simply move to SURE P because as we remember that our ECOLOGICAL FUND has been garnished by the court and we are 2 Billion naira poorer ,so no need to proceed on that path ,now to SURE P
Sure P ACCOUNT ,GOV OBI LEFT THE sum of 5 billion on it ,SURE P is petroleum recovery from subsidy and the Federal Government are sharing that money to states and self,out of the 5 BILLION NAIRA the accountant General withrew 2 billon naira, and we know it that once anybody start delving into savings that it will be a run down the slope, the question that bothers me is, are you aware of all this decline in the young government or they are just trying to sabotage your government ?
His Excellency ,I am pissed about this scavenging for fund at this early stage.Your predecessor did not have the available sources and fund like you but he was able to excel .He did not for once ask for fund from any individual ,but you have the honor to raise so much fund from the son,s of the state on two occasions ,one at ABUJA and another in Lagos ?and, I am sure you netted about 80 Billion naira on those occasions. Then your retinue of AIDES will say it is for security but ,Sir,I think it is not fair because if you ask the security outfits in the state ,they will tell you that for the last 4 years of Governor Obi that there was no BANK ROBBERY in the state ,Kidnapping was nailed to zero ,unless on the cases of brother or relation conspiring with evil ones and they land and pick then run away to neighboring state.
During his last 4 years it was only slight cases of Kidnapping having safe base in the state ,because he used local intelligence ,he empowered Local Vigilante ,in return those Town Vigilantes that knew all the bad sons in every town have to go and comb them out or warn them to leave and never to return,so on security ,I will say you added just a little notch by driving away all the peripheral thief mostly at Onuicha and as we speak they seems to have sneaked back to same spot ,while mostly the police ?deployed to those place where busy checking the ENGINE NUMBER AND CHASIS numbers of Vehicles coming into state ,not because they are looking for stolen vehicles but because they are looking for a loop hole to antagonize and extort huge sum from the motorist.
The Huge sum you realized from security if used some to reactivate the Vigilantes ,I am sure that security in Anambra state will be equaled to our ROAD NETWORK which is the best in Nigeria. Therefore I want to remonstrate that I see no reason why we should continue spending on security that specialized on CHASIS NUMBERS AND ENGINE NUMBERS .
Sir ,again I am of the opinion that your Government should not be looking for fund because you increased the IGR and your are sourcing it better than OBI ,he used kids glove why you removed gloves completely ,meaning that our IGR may be 5 times more than what it used to be under Obi and yet he was able to do wonders. Kindly re-evaluate and see where to add and where to scrub or scrap .
Sir,I will proceed to another area ,which is politics and I will plead with all my heart that the BOT CHAIRMAN UMEH wants to offer to you is not a DISTRACTION you will face now, let me re-present my appeal on it
As we all know that i am a man who love to point to land mines on time ,not the one that will shout i saw it- LATER …
This greek gift has some merits and demerits ,but let me just talk on the demerit for now.
This position was offered to PETER OBI and same man that offered it later used it against him when he gave interview on SUN NEWSPAPER and said that the position is yet to be ratified by CONVENTION ,which means the position is mere ceremonial only.
So by giving you this position ,you must cough out the demanded 500 MILLION NAIRA which is the Price Tag Umeh placed on that position which he hide under ANAMBRA APGA CONVENTION ,sorry i mean national convention ,even though ?Apga is only operational in ANAMBRA STATE .
Now back to the land mine ,APGA under the leadership of MAXI OKWU gave the leadership to BIANCA OJUKWU .As it is that has not been addressed or abolished and offering same position to you Gov OBIANO without reconciliation of APGA and her factions is not friendly at all.It will pitch you against BIANCA, even if it is cold war,but mind is a fragile thing that must be closely pacified.
Gov Obiano you have secured SUPREME COURT judgement and now you have the moral fibre to dare any TOMB RAIDER with Red long Cap or face cap ,if i am to say ,i will advise you to call all the factions of APGA and make grand peace with them before you can accept any greek TROJAN HORSE .?
Sir,still on the GREEK GIFT ,I want to tell you that the constitution of the party did not agree with that appointment and I herewith provide and insight from APGA constitution ?ACCORDING TO PROVISION OF APGA CONSTITUTION ,A SERVING GOVERNOR IS NOT PROVIDED TO BE ON THE BOARD OF BOT ,I PROVIDE THE RELEVANT SECTION AND IT QUOTE “
ARTICLE (10) Board of Trustees
There shall be a Board of Trustees consisting of at least 24 members of unquestionable integrity drawn
from the six geopolitical zones of the country in whom all the movable and immovable properties of the
party shall be vested. The Board shall also include the following:-
i. All former National Chairmen and National Secretaries of the Party,
ii. All former Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Republic, produced by the Party
iii. All former Presidents of the Nigerian Senate and Speakers of the House of Representatives,
produced by the Party.
iv. Any such other members of the Party as may from time to time be nominated by the National
Executive Committee and ratified by the Party?s National Convention.
Executive whispers from your over zealous SSA,SA,EXECUTIVE ASSISTANCE and others ,Sir,I know they,ve been hiding behind mask and cupboards to whisper that FMR GOV OBI did not leave behind the said 86 BILLION NAIRA [cash and investment] and I think they are not fair to you at all. If Peter Obi lied to entire state and nation even on the handover day ,if he lied that he left you such amount ,then it is on record and it will be just if you can also come out officially and denounce it ,just expose him .
Bring all the National media ,EFCC,POLICE,DSS and clear the air that MR PETER OBI left you nothing or left you what he said he left, that way Mr Peter Obi will be forced to face the shame or bring out evidence and you can be able to know who muscled into THE LEFT BEHIND ,after all atoba uto si wepu aghugho.
Moving on and before I sign off ,I want to tell you a story ,maka na nwoke ma ibeya .
During the days of OKIJA ERECT ,the office of EZE nwanyi bialu na enye ezigbo nsogbu ,the truth was that the diminutive love to party and socialize and from time to time ,some will come and some will go which can be attributed to the stress of that job.
On a very good day because the office of EZE nwanyi bala Nwunye ya isi ,she met one of the RECHARGE CARDS and gave her a silly beating ,it was an eye sore.
The next day ,maka na obu NNEWI si Edo ya nwelu Nkwo [it is the generality of Nnewi people that conceded NKWO to EDO the deity ,if they gave the deity another place ,there is no option than to take it],and one of my pals from ORUMBA SOUTH will always say ,that they are the ones na eme nwanyi oje be di ,mekwa ya ona be di but I digress from the story.
The man in question scrapped the office of EZE NWANYI and the Eze nwanyi gbachaa nika nika and zue ike ,because the powers of the EZE himself superceed that of Eze nwanyi and had Eze nwanyi riela nshi ,she may have to understand that ENUGU STATE EZE melu Nke ya 2 in a very short time .
Sir ,what I am saying is ,if the headache alone from the office of ?I DO? became too much ,if it keep attracting negativity ,the same way you empowered it is same way you will DE-POWER it and elu igwe agaghi agbawa if you ask me.
For want of time ,I beg to sign off till next Tuesday ,yours in the service
Source: Mazi Odera
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