Montie Three

Fellow Ghanaians, it is important we get this clear and right! I’m not an Attorney or claim to know more about Ghana’s constitution and laws. However, common sense tells me there’s something wrong with the trial process of the “Montie 3 idiots” currently languishing in jail wrongfully!

Montie ThreeWe all know that the Supreme Court judges and all other judges are supposed to be impartial, right? It also means there is no room for any kind of partiality what so ever in criminal court trials! If this is true, then:

1. How on earth can the very judges whose lives have been threatened act as the “police, the attorney general, prosecutors, witnesses etc., etc. and claim it to be impartial trial or judgement? How can that be possible? Perhaps I do not understand the word “impartiality!” and would appreciate someone to explain it to me.

2. When these “Montie 3 idiots” made those threats to the lives of the supreme court judges, where were the law enforcement agencies; the attorney general, the police chief (IGP) and the BNI boss? What did they do about it? Didn’t they find any ‘clear and obvious’ criminality in their comments considering the fact that this not the first time that judges in Ghana have been brutally murdered in cold blood by “cold ruthless monsters” during the early years of the AFRC era or the so called “revolution” led by former president J.J Rawlings in (1982); which is an extension of the same party in control of affairs in Ghana today? Where were they? I mean the security guys who are supposed to defend and protect the Supreme Court judges?

3. I’m aware contempt charges are also criminal charges. Yes! I do get that! However, don’t you think these 3 idiots should have been arrested immediately after their stupid and crazy comments and prosecuted by the regular courts of law other than the Supreme Court contempt trial? Come of folks!!! Let’s be real! This is not even contempt case at all. It is a clear case of terroristic threats!

Here’s the deal: I think the Supreme Court judges felt betrayed by the law enforcement agencies whose duty among others; is to defend and protect them. As a result of their failure and poor performance of duty, the judges had no choice other than; to take the law into their own hands and did what they have to do to defend and protect themselves. Please, let’s be reminded of the fact that there’s a precedent when it comes to the cold killings of Supreme Court judges in Ghana! And I do perfectly understand their point. Unfortunately, “Anger and Revenge” is not LAW! Where are the attorneys in this? Is anger or revenge a law? Of course, not! In this particular case, the attitude is: “If you do me, I do you!” Unfortunately, we cannot continue on that wrong, revenge and anger path!

The point is that, these “3 idiots” (regardless of their crime) did not get a fair trial, period! In my opinion, most Ghanaians are reacting emotionally instead of thinking through rationally! I believe in the principle that: two wrongs don’t add up to make to one write!!!!! There is no way Ghana can go on the path of using “anger and revenge” as a payback of wrong doing! Never! Some of us will NEVER, EVER ACCEPT that nonsense, and must pause till it probably comes back to us!

Going Forward:
As a matter of urgency, the president of Ghana must restore LAW and ORDER which is missing in Ghana at the moment!

In other words, President John D. Mahama MUST use article 72 of Ghana’s constitution and pardon those 3 idiots currently in jail wrongfully ASAP! Ghana’s constitution says that,even suspected murderers are entitled to free and fair trial! There is nobody in Ghana who is above the law! In my opinion the security forces failed to act because of the fact that the “Montie 3” idiots are foot soldiers of the ruling NDC party! That’s WRONG! If the leaders of our law enforcement agencies can’t do their job without “fear or favor”, then they have no place to be there! They must find another job! Period!

Mr. President, if you do free these three idiots using article 72 of our constitution, and on the grounds that justice was not done, and fire those incompetent leaders of the law enforcement agencies: who are the Attorney General, the IGP and the confused BNI chief or boss, it will send a clear and resounding signal that nobody is above the law in Ghana.And that JUSTICE MUST ALWAYS BE DONE! Our goal to to enforce law and order in Ghana, and it must start form the top. BTW, Mr. President, please, disregard the corrupt and toothless council of state members! They have lost credibility among Ghanaians! “Tweaaaaaaa! Apuuuuu tooooo!”

Mr. President, please invoke article 72 of Ghana’s constitution and free “those Montie 3 fools”, who are at the same time did not have fair trial! Ignore those reacting emotionally, and restore law and order! That’s what matters!!!!!

Thank you!

Peter Osei-Adjei
(214) 870-9398

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