Anglican Bishop urges members to stop eating the Apple Adam ate

Adams Apple

The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Tamale, Right Reverend Dennis Dabukari Tong, has admonished members of his congregation to desist from sinful acts that Jesus Christ accepted to die to redeem humanity from.

“We continue our sinful acts by continously eating the Apple God forbade us from. We must desist from continuous eating of this Apple to seek the face of the Lord always”

Bishop Tong was preaching the sermon at the Saint Anglioby Cathedral Church in Tamale and said eating of the apple signified the extension and repetition of our sinful nature, despite Christ’s willingness to die to safe humanity from generational sin.

He said as followers of Christ “not all knowledge should be acquired. Some knowledge acquired is dangerous”.

He noted that the acquisition of knowledge by Adam and Eve led to sin in man. “Today, like Adam and Eve, instead of us showing remorse for the sins we commit, resort to blame game for our own actions”

He said “We always try to find culprits for our sins, and we acquire knowledge that draws us away from God. Even the church is involved in the sin of blame game”

The Bishop said as Christians, accepting the act of wrong is a milestone to repentance and successfully seeking forgiveness, adding “Saint Paul equates our separation from God to Sin, selfishness, and greed”.

The Bishop indicated that “Saint Paul admonishes Christians not to allow misinterpretations of the law to weigh our faith down. The law provides in Romans:7-13 that we act by not allowing the law to dictate to us, otherwise spiritually we will be dead by law”.

Bishop Tong reminded members of the congregation that “Jesus came to fulfill the law of negligible sin, forgiveness, and to repair and restore our relationship with God to inherit eternal life”.

He said the initiative to restore relationship between man and God came from God Himself. “How we amend our ways by living humble and obedient lives pleases God, and he will grant us opportunity to inherit His kingdom”.

Bishop Tong said “If we must serve and love God, we must do same for humanity. We must learn to serve humanity as we serve Christ in wholeness”

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