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AngloGold Commissioned Arthur Cade Medical Facilities In Obuasi


A new pharmacy and multipurpose medical laboratory block at Edwin Arthur Cade Hospital, the AngloGold Ashanti medical facility in Obuasi, has been formally commissioned in Obuasi.

The huge block, part ?of the company?s modernisation and expansion of the facility, would ?not only ?offer access to modern care to the company?s employees and their dependents, but would also extend the same quality ?medical care to thousands of people in the surrounding communities, ?who are mostly business people, traders and farmers..

The over 100 ?bed hospital already is open to the communities, via the government?s NHIS programme. It also offers comprehensive HIV/AIDs delivery service to people living with the infection in the Obuasi municipality ad also offer wide range of referral cases and ambulance services.

The facility, formerly Obuasi Mine?s Hospital, was established in 1930 with one Dr .A. Anthony, an expatriate as the first medical officer. It has a tertiary rating, run and managed by six medical officers, ?3 ?Physician assisted by an employee population of ?199; of which 99 of them are nurses,7 Laboratory staff; ?10 Pharmacy staff, 2 Physiotherapists. Others are 3 Radiographists, 3 in Administrative, 24 Janitorial staff, 13 in Catering and 7 in Special Programme, according to Richard Cromwell, the Acting Manager of the facility..

Of the average 15,000 cases treated monthly by the hospital, which is the second biggest medical facility in Ashanti Region, more than 40% of the cases come from non employees in? and around the Obuasi communities.

Mr Cromwell, who also doubles as the Chief Pharmacists of the hospital noted that undoubtedly one of the best medical facilities in the country, the hospital is funded mainly by AngloGold Ashanti,? and it is looking forward to sustain and expand its rating ?and is funding the??modernisation and expansion of the hospital?s service delivery, with new projects , including the ?construction of new records block, re-roofing of medical wards and children?s ward and ?re equipping of the Hospital laundry as well as conversion of the casualty into a well-equipped emergency care unit.

?In his address, Fred Attakumah, Vice President Sustainability, said?the Obuasi mine may be going through a myriad of challenges, like other mining companies, AngloGold Ashanti management was walking its talk to ensure that the people in the communities and the Ghanaian society in general benefit from the company?s presence.

As part of its ?long term strategy, and assuming ?the availability of funding, the hospital is looking at ?Intensification of registration of all employees and dependants on the NHIS to generate more income for expansion programmes, setting up ?a well-resourced and equipped diagnostic centre; exploring ?the possibility of getting on – ?site consultants for the various medical disciples, namely orthopaedic surgeon, physician specialists, traumatologists, neurosurgeon ?gynaecologist and a resident dermatologist, adding that carrying out drug refills to various employee ?work sites of with certain categories of ailments is also being looked at.

Mr Attakumah commended the hospital?s management, nurses and doctors, past and present, for their professionalism and dedication to duty and urged them to improve their service delivery to make the facility the best in the country.

Madame Akosua Ago, a 74 – year old mother 7, at Wawase, a suburb of Obuasi, ?who has being using the hospital as? as a ?family clinic for the past 34 years?, commended the doctors and nurses at the hospital for their dedication and their eagerness to help patients, whether employees or non-employees.? ?Seven of my children, aged between 46 and 29, were born at the hospital and I still attend that hospital when I am not well.?

A second Alhaji Issa Mukaila, 68, former employer of the mine, started using the hospital when he was 24 years said ???AngloGold Ashanti has done well in the country?s medical sector. Expanding and modernising the mine hospital certainly shows that the company cares?.

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