Angolan minister hails energy, water cooperation with China

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Angola’s Minister of Energy and Water Joao Baptista Borges has said that the country’s cooperation with China in the energy and water sector has already yielded many concrete and beneficial results, representing an “invaluable gain and outcome” for Angola.

In a recent interview with Xinhua, Borges said that one evident illustration is the transformation in the Malanje Province where previously underserved citizens now enjoy access to clean water through a Chinese-built water supply system.

“This is an invaluable gain and outcome,” he said.

During the interview, the Angolan minister mentioned that various projects concluded by Chinese companies within Angola’s energy and water scope have greatly improved the living conditions of the locals and facilitated the country’s economic development.

“From the Cabinda Province to Cunene Province, it has allowed Angolans greater and better access to these services, enhancing their quality of life, creating improved economic conditions at all levels,” he said.

“Water is life, and energy is development,” the minister said, emphasizing the vital strategic importance that the Angolan government attributed to energy and water.

He said that China could play a more relevant role in this domain, even though the Asian country already holds “great importance” due to the construction of the Caculo Cabaca Hydroelectric Plant by a Chinese company, which will become Angola’s largest hydroelectric power station upon its completion.

“In the case of solar energy, there is interest and willingness to cooperate in this direction to achieve our goals within the energy transition context,” he added.

“Throughout these 40 years of cooperation, regardless of international vicissitudes, the two countries have always stood united, achieving positive results for both,” Borges stated.

“China’s willingness to assist African countries in development is welcome and reflects the common interest of South-South countries in establishing cooperation among themselves,” he concluded.

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