Ankobea Division announces the death of Barima Yeboah

Barima Yeboah Kordie Ii
Barima Yeboah Kordie Ii

The Ankobea (the Caretakers) Division of the Dormaa Traditional Area in the Bono Region has officially announced the death of Barima Yeboah Kordie II, the Aduanahene of the Dormaa Traditional Area.

Barima Kordie ll died in September 2022 after a short illness. He was 74 years. His mortal remains had been laid in state at the Dormaa Old Palace for mourners to pay their last respects.

Barima Dei Kusi Gyabaah, the Ankobeahene (Chief Caretaker) of the Dormaa Traditional Area, in fulfillment of tradition, led the division comprising sub-chiefs and performed the “adasuo” rites, the dawn customary for the departed souls at Dormaa-Ahenkro.

According to Barima Gyabaah, the performance of the customary rites signified the official announcement of the death of the late Aduanahene which set the pace for the chiefs and people of the area to mourn the late chief.
Prior to that, the Traditional Council chaired by Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Agyemang Badu II, ordered all shops and businesses along the principal streets of Dormaa-Ahenkro to remain closed.

Palace bearers, traditional warriors and executioners were sighted roaming around the town to ensure that businesses complied with the directives.

Individuals were not allowed to wear hats and helmets to walk through the Dormaa-Ahenkro Township as chiefs and queens in the traditional area held palm sticks, bottles of schnapps, palm oil and other items and marched through the principal streets of Dormaa-Ahenkro.

The ancient Dormaa tradition resurfaced as the chiefs slaughtered birds and sprinkled blood on white clothes to perform rituals amidst sporadic firing of musketries and wailing.

Barima Gyabaah, also the Chairman of the funeral committee chair, said the ‘adasuo’ customary practice was traditionally observed during the medieval era, at dawn, saying “the practice allowed a search party to be mobilised to look around for the departed soul until there is sign that he has truly died and laid in state.”
“It is only a reserve for departed royal,” adding, “the late Barima Kordie II was an influential and prominent chief in the Dormaa state, and the head of Aduana family”.

“The Ankobea division is responsible for all traditional funerals in the four Dormaa traditional divisions-Abesim, Bomaa, Chiraa and Dormaa Ahenkro.”

Barima Gyabaah said: “Ankoabeahene’s principal duty is to stay and defend the Dormaa lands from external aggression, ensures the safety and protection of the people, particularly women and children during wars.”

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