Ansell Lightning UK shines bright in Ghana with Kissart Group as exclusive distributor

A Representative From Kissart Group Taking A Cross Section Of Audience Through The Use Of Some Assembled Ansell Lighting Products
A Representative From Kissart Group Taking A Cross Section Of Audience Through The Use Of Some Assembled Ansell Lighting Products

Ansell Lightning UK, a leading global manufacturer of high-quality luminaires, has expanded its presence into the Ghanaian market, aiming to offer cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and superior lighting solutions to consumers.

To support its operations in Ghana, Kissart Group has been appointed as the exclusive in-country distributor of Ansell Lighting. This partnership ensures that valued clients have access to a wide range of innovative LED lighting solutions for various applications, all aimed at achieving customer satisfaction.

Nick Prince, the International Account Manager for Ansell Lighting, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating that the move aligns with Ansell’s commitment to making a positive impact and providing environmentally friendly lighting services.

“We recognize the enormous potential of Ghana as a growing market. We have been conducting business in Ghana since 2011 and have successfully completed numerous projects. Our partnership with Kissart on several prestigious projects has established them as a trusted ally, leading us to establish this long-term partnership. Our goal is to work closely with Kissart to expand our presence in both the project and distribution markets. Ultimately, we aspire to become a household name in Ghana.”

As part of the launch, Ansell Lighting introduced the Octo-Casambi, a Bluetooth mesh system app that empowers customers to have complete control over their lighting systems.

Mr. Prince highlighted the benefits of this product, stating, that the Octo-Casambi is highly suitable for various types of buildings, including both existing and newly constructed ones, spanning from commercial to industrial environments. He mentioned that users have the ability to customize scenes and animations for their switches with this product. Furthermore, he noted that the double-rocker wireless wall switch utilizes an electro-dynamic generator and does not necessitate any maintenance.

“The Octo-Casambi is an ideal choice for both existing and new buildings, ranging from commercial to industrial settings. It allows users to personalize scenes and animations for their switches. The double rocker wireless wall switch employs an electro-dynamic generator and requires no maintenance,” he explained.

Offering assurances of meeting customer demand, Ansell Lighting’s International Account Manager said in addition to the average seven-year warranty on the products, the company has an inventory worth in excess of £30 million, which can be swiftly shipped anywhere in the world for replacements.

Aloysius Attiogbe, the Project Account Manager for Kissart Group, stressed the company’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainable lighting solutions.

He stated that they had partnered with Ansell on their key projects, such as the Tamale International Airport and the Covid-19 facility centre at Korle Bu, among various others. He further explained that following an evaluation of the product quality, they made the decision to expand the promotion of Ansell’s offerings to other markets, beginning with Ghana.

“We are a Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) company, and our partnership with Ansell stems from their provision of the highest quality products. We have collaborated with Ansell on our flagship programs, including the Tamale International Airport and the Covid-19 facility center at Korle Bu, among others. After assessing the quality of their products, we have decided to promote their offerings in other markets, starting with Ghana. This launch is intended to introduce their products to the public,” he remarked.

Mr. Attiogbe further revealed that Kissart Group has over 5,000 units available to fulfil the lighting needs of Ghanaians. In addition, customers will have access to free consultation services, and those with existing lighting designs can also benefit from retrofitting services. “Our smart lighting solutions allow customers to achieve intelligent lighting without the need to replace their entire systems. Even with an established lighting setup, our services can provide you with smart lighting capabilities.”

He emphasized the importance of the partnership in the shared goal of power consumption control in achieving sustainability and environmental friendliness.

“At Kissart, we consider this partnership a major milestone because by managing power consumption, we contribute significantly to reducing our carbon footprint. Consuming less power brings us closer to achieving sustainability and environmentally friendly lighting solutions,” he added.

About Ansell Lighting
At Ansell Lightning, the comprehensive range of wholesale and specification products is specifically engineered to provide exceptional quality, low energy consumption, easy installation, and optimal control. The company prides itself on delivering excellent pre and post-sales support, ensuring customer satisfaction. In the rare event of any issues, Ansell Lightning strives to collaborate with customers and their customers to resolve problems efficiently.
Each Ansell Lighting product carries a guarantee of LIAQA accreditation and full compliance with safety standards. The company is committed to designing products that surpass legislative requirements whenever possible.

With a focus on quality and sustainability, Ansell Lighting designs and manufactures internal and external lighting solutions for a diverse range of customers in both the public and private sectors. Since its establishment in 1992, the company has expanded globally, with bases in Warrington and Belfast, as well as cutting-edge showrooms in Belfast, Warrington, Madrid, and Dublin. It now supplies products to over 26 countries.

Ansell Lighting is renowned for its innovative lighting design and has been the recipient of numerous awards for their energy-efficient luminaires and industry-leading lighting control system, Octo.

About Kissart Group
Kissart Group is an esteemed leader in the field of engineering services, specializing in providing efficient solutions to complex MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing/Piping) Engineering challenges. It is dedicated to constructing robust brands and implementing integrated strategies as a fundamental principle.

The company envisions being acknowledged as the foremost provider of services in their industry, extending its influence within Africa and beyond. Kissart Group firmly believes that adhering to a core set of values, such as continuous improvement and excellence, will result in sustainable competitive advantage, growth, heightened customer satisfaction, and long-term profitability.

At Kissart Group, creating a collaborative team environment where work quality and safety are guaranteed at all times is prioritized. It concentrate on comprehending clients’ needs, adopting a consultative approach that fosters seamless interaction. By aligning themselves with their clients and thoroughly understanding their requirements, Kissart Group develops customized, innovative, and cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed clients’ expectations in terms of quality and standards.

The team from Ansell Lightning UK and it’s new partner, Kissart Group at the official launch

From left to right, International Account Manager for Ansell Lighting, Nick Prince and Project Account Manager for Kissart Group, Aloysius Attiogbe addressing audience at the official launch

A representative from Kissart Group taking a cross section of audience through the use of some assembled Ansell Lighting products

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