Akosua Hanson blasts Jay Foley for citing the bible in a discussion

Jay Foley
Jay Foley

Akosua Hanson, co-host of Celebrity Fanzone on GH One TV couldn’t hide her disdain for the bible last Saturday when she sharply criticized colleague TV presenter Jay Foley for citing the bible as basis for his argument.

The feminist who is noted for her very nonconformist views sharply criticized Jay Foley after the latter attempted to use the bible as a “foundation” for his argument in the recent Caster Semanya controversy with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in early May dismissed an appeal by the South African athlete to set aside controversial regulations designed to limit testosterone levels in female runners.

Speaking to this issue last Saturday on Celebrity Fanzone, Jay Foley argued that, “religiously there is male and female.” He added, “My bible knowledge may be that bad but I am just making the bible the foundation for this discussion.”

Akosus Hanson, who was obviously offended by the mention of the “bible” interjected, “when we are talking science, you are talking religion.”

“No, you cannot use the bible as the foundation for this discussion. It is highly insulting to people who do not want to use the bible as basis of discussions,” she added.

Jay Foley however insisted that whether Caster Semanya’s issue is a “defect or an abnormality, it’s right that the world has to look at a place to fit them as equal as male and female would be treated.”

Meanwhile, Caster Semenya has indicated she is ready to defy the IAAF by refusing to take medication which would limit her testosterone levels, claiming ”no human can stop me from running”.

“It’s up to God, God has decided my life, God will end my life, God has decided my career, God will end my career. No man, or any other human, can stop me from running,” Semenya struck a defiant tone in Doha last week.

Check out the video below:

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