Anything You Truly Desire To Achieve Is Possible – Pascal Wilpers

Pascal Wilpers
Pascal Wilpers

When you set your mind on achieving something with all your passion and commitment, the entire universe will conspire to make it happen for you.

Pascal Wilpers’ favorite line that he loves to quote is from the all-time boxing great Muhammad Ali: “Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is nothing.”

Pascal Wilpers says that most people don’t dare to dream big because they fear failure. That fear stops them from intensely wanting and chasing their dream with all their heart and soul. “The difference between the handful of people who achieve extraordinary success and countless others who don’t is not about talent, commitment, or even luck. The real difference, according to Pascal Wilpers, is in their self-belief.

Winners move forward with self-belief and choose a path that losers don’t dare to step on – and as a result, they have very little competition.

Focus on Your Strengths

Pascal Wilpers says when self-doubt prevents you from realizing your full potential, it is time to shift the focus on your capabilities instead of weaknesses. Identify what you are naturally good at – it could be public speaking, music, coding and programming, counseling, foreign language, or anything where you have professional training or certification.

The moment you stop doing things you are not wired for and redirect your energies to what you have an aptitude for, you can cover the distance from good to great in no time. Once you start excelling within your circle of competence, that’s when your “game changes” (to borrow a phrase from Pascal Wilpers).

Take the Plunge and Learn Along the Way

The enemy number one that deters most people from chasing their dreams is overthinking the consequences. While planning well and proceeding with caution is important, you don’t have to become a victim of what Pascal Wilpers calls “analysis paralysis.” He says there is no way to complete all learning beforehand and then take the plunge.

You will make mistakes and losses on your way, but that’s the expensive learning which is called “experience.” There is no substitute for it. If you are afraid of making mistakes, taking losses, and facing small defeats, you will never be able to start. Pascal Wilpers never tires of saying that if you are not prepared to lose, you forfeit your chance to win. Failure only makes you stronger. Inaction kills you.

Be Yourself at All Times

Search within to find your own goals and your own path. Pascal Wilpers asks: “What is it that you want most?” Only you know that. If you ask others or copy someone else’s strategy, you are only trying to be someone you are not. Do not go by the expectations of others – you will never be able to live up to them. Do not give in to the societal pressure of “fitting in.” Most of all, do not try to impress others.

Pascal Wilpers says you are remarkable. You are unique. Celebrate your own identity, your uniqueness. That’s when you start living up to your fullest potential, start recognizing your self-worth and start winning. If you live for the approval of others, you will only dull your own glow. So, start living on your own terms, and you will be on your way to achieving what you wholeheartedly want from life.

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