The prince of LA music and icon Apaatse after blessing all the Weddings in the capital and beyond, he has released a new single featuring the hit makers of SIMPLE, Brades on a new joint produced by Bones called ′Be my Guest′.

The song which is in line with the first hit from the new prince of LA, wedding Day, is a matured lyrical prowess display type of song as the young musician tapped into the minds of the old when writing the song.

In a chat with the artiste, who is managed and Executive produced by One – F Entertainment, Apaatse disclosed that, there was lot of pressure on him when recording the new single as the trend now is AZONTO and he had already promised to give fans good music, one that will last for ages and not just pass away because of some trend, hence that pressure was too heavy but with God on his side he delivered.

He said: ′I remember when i told my management that i want to release my new single, the first question was, will it be AZONTO, then i smiled, the answer i gave was NO? just because every body is running from their true self does not mean i have to do so, i have a fan base to appeal to and i am sure they will accept it, so management agreed and Bones did the magic with the new one ′Be my Guest′.

In talking about his prowess over lyrics, Apaatse stressed that, his core point is to meet the matured strings in the society, by that he means, he looks at every line in his song as to whether it is adding up or subtracting plus he also looks at the lyrics in a way that will meet the young guy or girl going through some relationship problems, hence he gives a deep thought to his lyrics before writing them, that is how come he always gets the lyrics right in his songs.

′Working with Brades was fun, they were the right people for this new single as their past hit songs have elements of such nature, so management did not hesitate to bring them on board when i suggested them and trust me they killed the bars of the song′. Apaaste added.

Any body who listens to ′Be my guest′ will either run back to his old lover or keep tight to his new relationship, this is because the song is heart touching, lyrics that will get you moving and beats that will get you dancing, hence every body should go for the hot download link on any website near you for a feel.

Its the official second single release from the LA Prince of music as he also prepares to release his PEACE single with his fellow musicians soon all under One – F entertainment.

Big ups to Brades for jumping on the song, all the DJs / Presenters kicking it hard on air, fans who keep on downloading and everybody who supports the dream, especially to my Label – One -F Entertainment, i am humbled to be working with you guys, Apaatse final words to the world.

Words: Nana Yaw Wiredu/www.nanayaw18.com



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