APC on suicide mission


Gbenga A

There is no doubt that the scenario at the inauguration of the 8th Assembly which finally paved way for the emergence of Dr. Bukola Saraki as the Senate President is a suicide mission to the All Progressive Party, APC.

This is actually what I can describe as hurry divorce of couples who married inconveniently under pressure, hatred or cheap promises.

The current situation has indeed positioned our dear nation comfortably sitting on the keg of gunpowder precipitating the emergence of desperate leaders whose major concern is putting their personal interest personal interests above national interest which is not in the best interest of the masses.

?Although, at that, I am extremely persuaded and fulfilled about my revelation which I’ve made earlier on the desperation of Bukola Saraki to clinched and weed power to himself at all cost not minding its consequence(s) on the existing unity of the nation and her good people.

For me, the stability and focus of President Buhari?s administration is far more important to us as Nigerians than the vibrancy of Bukola Saraki?s Senate presidency interest. It is crystal clear that PMB was ready to enforce law against corruption. It is crystal clear that PMB was dawned ready to reduce cost of governance for the betterment of the entire nation. It is also an eye-saw event that the retired Daura-born General was ready to close all gaps against mal-adminstration amidst terrible threats occasioned by the Boko Haram insurgency.

Unfortunately, the antecedence of Saraki?s political legacy and his desperate urge to lead the Senate portrayed him as a questionable character who cannot assist this current administration to achieve its set goals thereby revealing his sinister motives by creating a tensed atmosphere far more tough than the election that brought in President Buhari.

Nevertheless, I would care less how and what anyone feels about the stability of the Buhari presidency, as long as the outcome of this case justified the means, and the means were fair, justicable, precedential, viable, and destined, which ever way.

However in its bids to ensure probity and corrupt-free administration, the leadership of the APC in its wisdom conducted mock election for the two contending lawmakers with cognizance look at the integrity and records of the men. At the poll, ?Senator Ahmed Lawan of Yobe North was declared winner and sole candidate of the APC.

Meanwhile, in order to jump-bail and achieve his inordinate ambition, Saraki never mind to eat his vomit as he hurriedly returned to his divorced bride seeking for supports ahead of the D-day. ?Although, it is a pay back time for the ?erstwhile opposition party now ruling party, APC, when one of its defunct legacy party, Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, played prominent roles in the election of Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal to become the Speaker of the 7th House of Representatives against the calculation of the PDP for the emergence of Hon. Mulikat Akande-Adeola, thereby laying the destruction eggs for the PDP. What goes by, comes by.

It is also evidently clear that the group of lawmakers who purportedly nominated and inaugurated Saraki as the President of the 8th Assembly are set of corrupt ex-governors who wanted to frustrate PMB’s anti corruption crusade thereby making a professional corrupt colleague their President.

This was one of my major concern when I opined in an earlier article advising the president to show leadership in this direction, especially because in a democracy, political party supremacy should never be taken for granted and be rested in the party irrespective of the evil or angels amongst them.

Going back memory lane, Saraki?s aspiration to become the Senate President is not in anyway bad as party-man but it is absolutely disastrous on the desired positive change clamored for by Nigerians because he is such a fellow who has no political ideology nor ?trust.

Senator Saraki has so far sojourned from the APP to the PDP to the nPDP to the APC, demystifying his own biological father in the process. He cannot be trusted with any relationship because he does not understand the term ?political sacrifice.

In 2012, Saraki was accused of corruption by the EFCC. I am persuaded that in May 2013, he used the Nigeria Governors? Forum as his arm and its governor-chairman as the whip in his hand to lash an international embarrassment into ex-President Jonathan?s senses.

The man Jonathan will never forget what hit him because from thence, things ?changed? for him. This man Saraki contested the 2011 PDP presidential primaries, which means he has his eyes on the presidency. And in these days when the legislature loves to impeach an executive with his deputy, as Senate President, he would only be one step away from the Aso Rock Villa. Nigerians are hurriedly waiting for anti-graft agents to dust their stores and check corrupt file records for adequate prosecution of concerned lawmakers.

Therefore, the current scenario happening to the ruling party, APC, is one of the many nemesis of getting married to strange groom without minding her past, present as well as considering her likely future.

Chief Gbenga Awoyale is the President General of Orisun Igbomina, Kwara state.

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