Apesokubians Ready to Die For Their Land


By: Prosper Agbenyega

The Chiefs and youth of Apesokubi Traditional Area of the Volta Region are resolved to use all lawful and available means to defend, protect and preserve their traditional positions, rights and privileges as indigenous inhabitants of the area.

In the light of this, they called for the goodwill and support of all their traditional neighbours and allies who themselves must necessarily feel threatened by the false claims by all Akpossor immigrants residing in the Jasikan, Kadjebi and Biakoye Districts in the Volta Region.

According to them, the claims that these areas formed part of an erstwhile Akpossor Kingdom/Empire which they are determined to reclaim and restore as their homeland, is false.

Speaking at a press conference, Nana Osafo Aquah III, Chief of Apesokubi and Spokesperson for the aggrieved residents indicated that, it was about time worthy and highly esteemed common boundary owners and traditional allies be unalloyed and steadfast in their commitment to their common cause and heritage as the true indigenous inhabitants of the geographical area that used to be called Buem-Krachi District in the colonial era.

According to Nana Osafo Aquah III, they are placing calls on the noble chiefs and patriotic youth of Buem and Tapa Traditional areas to come together to resist fiercely and quickly cause to be terminated any project or development that is calculated to deprive us of our traditional positions, rights and privileges as the indigenous inhabitants of the said traditional areas.

He also indicated that there have been certain disturbing developments in Apesokubi Traditional Area including a police/military swoop in the area on 17th January 2012, which was generally believed to be politically motivated. However in that swoop, 26 persons were arrested.

The arrest came as a result of an alleged setting ablaze of a car and a young man was also reported to have been killed in Apesokubi around December 27, 2011.

“Following the foregoing tragic incidents, Mr. Akattah Louis, the DCE for Biakoye District, was reported to have made certain public comments in connection with the said incidents. Most of the reported public utterances on the said incidents by Mr. Akattah Louis were not only accusatory and irresponsible but also plainly false and mischievous as same were his own dishonest fabrications that had the tendency to cause a serious breach of law and order in Apesokubi Traditional Area,” Nana Acquah said.

“In his said public comments, Mr. Akattah Louis accused the Police of partisan and unprofessional conduct in their handling of the said tragic incidents. Specifically, he made the following allegations: – That the reported tragic incidents were part of systematic acts of aggression by the “settler Akans” calculated to annihilate the “indigenous Akpossors” in the “Akpossor traditional area” in the Volta Region; That the Police were bias and unprofessional in their conduct of investigations in that the Police were protecting and defending the “settler Akans” against the “indigenous Akpossors,” he added.hat the reported tragic incidents took place in “Akposso-kubi” in “Akpossor traditional area” in the Volta Region and that the Paramount Chief of the area is an “Akpossor.”

He mentioned that the foregoing comments by the said DCE pose a serious threat to peace and order in Apesokubi Traditional Area and are generally perceived as an expression in support of an ongoing treasonable project by the Akpossor immigrants in Apesokubi to extend the erstwhile Akpossor traditional state in French Togoland/Republic of Togo into British Togoland/Republic of Ghana.

Nana Acquah noted that the advocates and sponsors of the said “Akpossor project” claim that the areas constituting Jasikan, Kadjebi and Biakoye Districts in the Volta Region of Ghana originally formed part of the said Akpossor traditional state and that the purpose of the “Akpossor project” is to claim and restore the so-called erstwhile “Akpossor territory” to Akpossors as their homeland, using Apesokubi for the regrouping of the Akpossor immigrants from French Togoland/Republic of Togo.

“We have absolutely no doubt in our minds that the said “Akpossor project” has dire consequences and implications for the true indigenous people of Buem State and Jasikan District as originally known, and so we hereby invite all concerned to take note and act appropriately,” he stressed.

He averred that the people of Apesokubi Traditional area cannot afford to engage in any form or manner of trade-off in relation to our priceless legacy won for them through the blood and toil of their fathers.


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  1. What is the lineage of the Akposos. What is their festival. Where is their ancestral shrine. Why do they live in the outskirts of the town? Where is the home of their leader and for how long have they had a leader. If my name is Kofi London will that mean I am from London. Who is deceiving you with false entitlement. We have lived together peacefully since you migrated to be with us why do you now want to foment trouble and disturb the peace of the nation?

    • You’re trying to defend the indefensible. Go to anywhere in the Volta region and ask them about the tribe that resides in Kubi and they’ll tell you it’s the Akposos. The Akposos don’t only talk, the provide evidences to whatever they say. We’ve been living together for soo many years because of the peaceful nature of the Akposos and you people want to take advantage of that. I’ll advise you to start questioning your father or grandfather incase they’re still alive about your roots because you deserve to know your lineage.

  2. In same way Akposos are rather to be asking such questions. Akposos are recognized as a people that speaks Ikposo and also celebrate a festival called Ovazu in the biakoye district and there it’s clearly noted that it is only five traditional areas which Akposokubi traditional area council is not exclusive. As matter of fact there’s no tribe in Ghana called apeso. Worawora is a dialect in akan languages which they clearly stated that they are settlers and they pay homage to Otufour Osei Tutu ll. So if you the apeso called yourself akans who do you pay homage to. The head of Ashanti kingdom does not recognize you. You are settler just like the others and stop claiming ownership.

    • The so called Apesos should state where they are from and who did they pay Alligiance to? then all will stop, But if they can’t come out n explain themselves then it means they are not the indigenous people of that Akposo land

  3. Ignorance at its best, The Akposos are the indigenes of that land with provable facts and there is nothing anybody can do about that.
    The Akposos are #Guans and you, what is your lineage???

  4. See I’m not a Guan, neither I’m I a native of the said area but there’s no documented facts or history that states that Apeso is a tribe and are the owners of oti region. Akposors are known and documented by colonial nations even before colonial era to be the indegines of the said area before the so called Apeso people who are imposters today arrived, they were remnant of wars who seek refuge among Guan Akposor indegines. There has been a calculated and a well planned attempt to wipe off the original people who are Akposors from the land and this evil plan started not today. Akposor is the original name and not Apeso. If so then educate us what’s the meaning of Apeso in the imposter language?

  5. All the German documents and other colonial documents including the British, French states that Akposors were the original inhabitants, there has never been any fact that a tribe existed called Apeso. It is Akposor and everybody knows that. What is the meaning of Apeso in the imposter language? The Akans living there are remnant of wars accepted by the indegines,history states that and we know. I’m not a Guan neither I’m I an indegine of the said area but truth is truth


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