If all I’m reading about Kwadwo Safo kantanka is true -then he is probably the greatest Ghanaian -that ever lived!! I can’t believe what I’m seeing above!!! Is it possible that if we [Ghana] get behind this man…can …build our own cars and aeroplanes etc? 

The thing is……past experiences have unfortunately left me feeling that Ghanaians -no ,make that African …men and women (of God) don’t really care about people, never mind their own (mostly poor) congregation etc and certainly never do much to help trhem apart from collecting their monies… but Kwadwo Safo kantanka (my goodness) is bucking this trend and is actually helping.. He’s not only an inventor (see above clips), investor or teacher but has founded numerous businesses as a means of helping people and his congregation. He also appears to be a fun and loving eccentric -my favourite kind of people!!!! But mostly, he helps and gives to the poor, providing work, medicine and places of learning especially with regards to science etc …I don’t know why but he and his various organizations -have left me speechless and quiet emotional!!!!!!! 

I can’t believe that after years of reading about caring foreigners who set up various NGO’s and children‘s homes, and the numerous young students from abroad who volunteer at said places in Ghana etc —-its only now that I‘m I reading about a Ghanaians doing the same… thus, we must celebrate him and encourage others to do the same… 

The following are just a few of the businesses founded by Kwadwo Safo kantanka as a means of helping his people and his congregation: 

Safo Nyame Coldstore Limited 
Safo Nyame Coldstore Limited is a dealer in frozen food in Ghana. Established in 1999 with a workforce of 5, and resgistered as a limited liability company in 2007, under the Ghana company registration law with registration number CA-33407, the company has grown tremendously over the years and has become the main supply hub of frozen food within the Ashanti regions and the northen part of Ghana. It currently has a total workforce of 70 personnel.

With the existing 2,000 metric tons storage facility plus 4,000 tons expandable area, Safo Nyame Cold Store has the capacity to supply frozen meat products to the ever increasing population in Kumasi and the northern sector of the country.

We have a number of refrigerated chambers which are constructed under very hygienic subscturcural conditions and that have enabled our storage room to chill, freeze and store any perishable product. 

Our location, Asafo Market, is in the heart of the Garden City, Kumasi, and it is accessible by road to all walks of life in the metropolis. The facility is on a terrain of good erosion resistance without problem of surface water run, good supply of portable and industrial water, electricity and drainage facilities. We have a robust standby generator which takes care of our electricity needs in case of power cut.

We have taken into accounts the general operations of our cold rooms with particular attention to the storage requirements of our products, rules for loading, maintenance and hygiene, and the running and maintenance of the refrigeration equipment. As well, the local availability of labour (technical personnel, skilled labour for maintenance and general labourers) has contributed to the successful running, maintenance and expansion of our business and this has made Safo Nyame Cold Store the best in the frozen food industry in the metropolis.

We deal in fish, chicken, cow meat, mutton, pork and other frozen food products. We do import these products from other countries and have agents at the Tema Fishing Harbour who supply us constantly with our products.

We operate both retail and wholesale sales and have a wide clientele base in the metropolis. We have efficient management and stock control system that allows loading and unloading operation to be obviously recorded on the control table including all relevant data. Forklifts are used in loading and unloading pallets and refrigerated distribution trucks are always available for our clients.

We do care about the environment as we do our best to remain cognizance to the environmental imperatives of our operations. Our cold chambers are kept in a strictly hygienic condition to avoid microbial invasion. We maintain hygiene before and after storage, during transport and distribution. Transports over long distances are carried in refrigerated vehicles which are cleaned and disinfected after every day’s duty.

For purchases and any other information contact:
Plot No. 36, Asafo Market, Kumasi
Box T178, Old-Tafo, Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana
Tel / Fax: +233 322 083 313
Mobile: +233 244 831 939

Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

The Great Kosa Clinic 
The Great Kosa Clinic was established in 1987 to respond to the health needs of the society and to treat common diseases using African healing methods and traditions in a modern clinical environment.

Apostle Safo School of Arts and Sciences 
Apostle Safo School of Arts and Sciences (GREAT ASSAS) was established to provide excellent education with achievable outcome to the community. ASSAS in patrnership with parents and the community, is dedicated to educating students from a variety of backgrounds through the collaboration of highly qualified teachers, rigorous data-driven instruction and student-centered activities. These initiatives enable students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in an ever-challenging society in a safe and orderly environment and a climate of high expectations. 

You can read more about the impressive Kwadwo Safo kantanka -God’s inventor by visiting his website at: http://www.kantanka.com/

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