Today His Excellency ,I wish to whisper to you, it is not fair ,if you ask me.

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The Office of the DEPUTY GOVERNOR,occupied by DR NKEM OKEKE has been reduced to laughing stock.We know that DE-FACTO DEPUTY GOVERNOR SIR VICTOR UMEH has taking over the sitting positions of NKEM OKEKE ,then he also have taking over the Functions of Nkem Okeke but, what makes me personally to be sad is that..
The Office of the Deputy Governor receives 3 million Naira per month to take care of Security ,entertainments,tips,salaries and other great needs that goes with the office of the Deputy Govenor.
His expenditure must have increased to 50 times of what it used to be when he was just a Lecturer at Nnamdi Azikiwe University , but now with the paraphernalia of the office of the Deputy Governor , such meager amount is insulting to that office,why ?

Sir Victor Umeh who is suppose to be at APGA office in ABUJA strategizing on how to win IMO STATE,ABIA STATE,ENUGWU STATE AND EBONYI but he abandoned it to stick with you as fly stick to decomposed corpse.Yet he receive the sum of 40 MILLION NAIRA monthly plus other schemes he places on the table welu na anapu gi ego,if he can be getting such amount which he do not use to propagate APGA,not even the members of NWC get,s any kobo or input on what goes in the Party ,there is nothing like NWC meeting and without such meeting ,imagine where decisions are taking ? his fear is that ,the day he call for NWC meeting that he may be impeached for gross violation of the constitution but i digress.
Back from the digression ,ask anybody who is the local Government leader of APGA -the answers will always be -SIR VICTOR UMEH.
Who is the state chairman of APGA -Victor Umeh
Who is the treasurer of APGA -victor Umeh
Who is the P.R.O of APGA – Victor Umeh
Who is the SENATORIAL CANDIDATE for APGA that needs no primaries to obtain Ticket-VICTOR UMEH
who is the first and last APGA CANDIDATE that collects Form fees from Candidates ,use same fees to fund his own campaign ,while he did not pay kobo for his own form-VICTOR UMEH
Who will be a sitting Chairman and also run as a Senator ?-Victor Umeh ,back to digression and i proceed

Sir ,it will be great also to let the ELECTED DEPUTY GOVERNOR get similar amount if not more ,after all si ribe nya bu ego ,ebe Okwute ekworo eri ya during his days.

Back to Umeh ,we all know that he is a great schemer ,he taught Rochas Okorocha a thing or two on con before Rochas kicked him out ,then he shifted to IFEANYI UBAH and did so many things against that young man , when he was done with him ,he went to IYOM EKWUNIFE ,SOLUDO CHARLES,NICHOLAS UKACHUKWU AND BACK TO PETER OBI and all of them he left them bleeding ,so i do not think you can outwit him, i am sure he must have compiled 23 pages on things he will blackmail you with as if he is without sin.

Let me tell you what SIR VICTOR UMEH told DR CHRIS NGIGE the Onwa of Idemmili when the SUPREME COURT read the Final brief of the Judgement at Supreme court ,Dr Chris Ngige asked him “Ohamadike,APGA have changed Uniform 3 times and none of them has the picture of IKEMBA or Peter Obi” ,Ohamadike replied him “,We have changed it 4 times and not 3,Peter Obi ? onye nke afu oso cha ? he is one of my many Mugu,s ,onye erisialu atupu ya”.
Then on DIM ODUMEGWU OJUKWU he said and i quote “IKEMBA we do not need him again ,oge campaign anyi ewelu Photo ya mee campaign ,election gwucha akwa ya aka”.While he was castigating FMR GOV OBI ,the chief of Staff to Ngige Honorable Chibuzor Obiakor then asked him ,”is this not same Gov Obi that you kissed and make up with on NATIONAL TV ? the same man you called the BEST APGA MAN of the Century?”,well do not see the scorn he carried on his face against Chibuzor for that innocent question.

If Victor Umeh can say the following about IKEMBA and Peter Obi ,if he can call IFEANYI UBAH many unprintable names ,if he can call Gov Rochas many evil names ,think of what he will call you when he finish using you and discard you as we know he will likely do when Senatorial race is over.

Sir,Before Victor Umeh hijacked APGA he used to live in 2 rooms and palour in a FACE ME ,I FACE YOU AT ENUGWU ,but now as we speak he has choice properties in UK,USA and a palatable MANSION he built at Enugwu.
Currently Victor Umeh bought a house at SULIVAN CHIME AVENUE ENUGU,At the rate of 300 MILLION NAIRA ,pull the house down and building a MASTER STRUCTURE on it ,guesses of people are as good as mine on how much he will spend to builld the house on top of 300Million naira worth of Land ,,,,,,where did He get that money since he has no functional business outside APGA which he is running as private enterprise ? He is building 2 structures at NGOZIKA ESTATE AWKA that estimated at 200 MILLION NAIRA.

Sir,ask the Local Government Chairmen in the state and they will tell you what they are going through in the hands of THE LONG RED CAP CHIEF ,what he is doing is to make sure that not even one person with APGA banner will be subject to you ,he took over all the structure to the extent that Akunwata Mike Kwentoh do not have a single say in APGA ANAMBRA STATE ,he is playing a third distant fiddle where he is suppose to be in charge of the State Apga.

Meanwhile the Deputy Governor must be finding it difficult to buy GROUND NUT for visitors ,because if he do that ,ego fuel ama adirozi.

Sir,incase you did not notice it , we the voting population are observant and we noticed the travail of the Deputy Gov ,your Deputy Governor DR Nkem Okeke have lost his swagger ,his handsome smile ,his elegant poise and now he walks as nwa okpulu,there is no more strenght on his face and his poise ,he looks like melum ebere and it must be because he is DEPUTY GOVERNOR only on Papers,not even on TV because the last i saw him on TV was when i was watching some recording i did during campaign and that was on rewind, i suspect that it was also the last time he laughed.
So my worries and those of silent readers and watchers becomes what gives ?,but on a second thought ,let it not be because he is an ANGLICAN by FAITH and Victor Umeh is Catholic ?,i hate to play that card but it is pointing to that direction but i may be wrong..

Sir,I will also plead that you look closely at the working programs of your Commissioners as the SSA[s] has taking over the functions of the commissioners and many of the commissioners do not even know the designation of their offices,please help and make them relevant .

SIR ,NEXT WEEK i may bring you the DIARY on your SA/SSA ,how they fair and what they contribute ,the abilities and disabilities,,Thanks


Mazi Odera

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