Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio with Nandi Madida this Friday with Nasty C

Nasty C Africa Now Radio
Nasty C Africa Now Radio

This Week’s Episode Features a Conversation With Nasty C, the 5 Hottest Tracks of the Week, Africa Rising and Nandi Madida’s Favourite Track of the Week!

Cover Star Interview
South African hip-hop superstar Nasty C joins Nandi Madida via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about his latest track, “Endless.“ He also discusses his new album, ‘I Love It Here,’ creating relatable lyrics, becoming a father—and what happened when a fan rushed the stage during a recent performance.

The Big 5
Nandi Madida shares the 5 hottest new African tracks of the moment. This week’s selection includes new tracks from MaWhoo feat. Deep Sen, KingTalkzin & Mthunzi, Nissi feat. Fireboy DML, Nobuhle, Master KG & Casswell P, Sarz, Crayon & Skrillex, and Tion Wayne and Darkoo.

Africa Rising
Nigerian Afropop star Crayon is the latest artist featured from Apple Music’s Africa Rising playlist, a campaign which shines a light on the next generation of African superstars, and this week’s show features his singles, the Ayra Starr collab “Ngozi,” and “Ijo (Laba Laba).” Listen HERE.

Nandi’s Song of the Week
Each week, Nandi Madida chooses her favourite track from one of Apple Music’s African playlists. This week she spotlights South African stars Zādok, Shekhinah & Manana and their collab, “Wonder,” from Apple Music’s Afro-Soul Mix playlist. Listen HERE.

Tune in and listen to the full episode this Friday, September 15th at 9a Lagos/London / 10a Johannesburg/Paris / 1a LA / 4a NYC on Apple Music 1 at and broadcast YFM Accra every Sunday at 2pm, YFM Kumasi on Saturdays at 3pm and YFM Takoradi on Saturdays at 6pm.


Nasty C tells Apple Music about Becoming a Father

“I’m learning a lot, I’m learning a lot man. As far as sleep goes, I never get any sleep, I’m okay with that, I never got any sleep before him. But yeah man I’m learning so much and it’s crazy because all the things that he’s teaching me, right now, my son, these are things that I should have always had and these are things that I really need just as a person, not even as a parent. Teaching me love and patience and all these things. So yeah I’m learning a lot”

Nasty C tells Apple Music about the Stage Invader

Nandi: You know we’re all super paranoid now of course because of what’s been happening lately. Were you feeling that way with the stage invader in Zambia and that incident?

Nasty C: Yeah I think it’s just that constant paranoia man of not knowing who you can trust. Plus you gotta think too, all the energy is all the way through the roof, tension, there’s nerves behind me getting on stage, there’s just all these things that are going on at the same time you know. And I get out there, I can barely see anything, I’m wearing shades, I’m being blinded by all these lights and I just see someone run up on me, you know my natural instincts is to fight back. And it is just very unfortunate, I wish it hadn’t happened that way but at the time I wasn’t really thinking, it was just natural instincts man.

Nasty C tells Apple Music about Creating Connection

You know, now that I actually think about it, I feel like it was more about what I was rapping about versus how I was rapping. Because I obviously sounded very different to everyone else, a lot of people were like “This guy has an American accent, he’s a wannabe blah blah blah” But I think my content, my lyrical content is what really pierced through all the hate and all the resistance. Because I think from 16 or maybe even 15 I started really making music that was like really personal about real life events, it was very easy to understand. I think that’s one of the biggest factors you know? Just speaking about something, well things, that people are related to on a regular basis.

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