Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio with Nandi Madida this Friday with Teni

Africa Now Radio Teni
Africa Now Radio Teni

This Week’s Episode Features a Conversation With Teni, the 5 Hottest Tracks of the Week, Africa Rising, and Nandi Madida’s Favourite Track of the Week!

Tune in to Africa Now Radio with Nandi Madida this Friday, November 24th at 9a London / 10a Lagos/Paris / 11a Johannesburg / 1a LA / 4a NYC on Apple Music 1 and broadcast on YFM Accra every Sunday at 2pm, YFM Kumasi on Saturdays at 3pm and YFM Takoradi on Saturdays at 6pm.

Cover Star Interview

Nigerian Afro-fusion singer-songwriter Teni joins Nandi Madida via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about her latest track, “YBGFA”. She also discusses her new album, TEARS OF THE SUN how she draws inspiration from nature, and what pain has taught her.

The Big 5

Nandi Madida shares the 5 hottest new African tracks of the moment. This week’s selection includes new tracks from Victony feat. Crayon & Bella Shmurda, Lojay feat. Olamide, YKB & King Promise, Lwah Ndlunkulu feat. Big Zulu, and De Mthuda & Yallunder.

Africa Rising

Nigerian R&B singer-songwriter Qing Madi—Apple Music’s latest Up Next: Nigeria featured artist—is the latest artist featured from Apple Music’s Africa Rising playlist, a campaign which shines a light on the next generation of African superstars, and this week’s show features her singles, “Vision,” and the Bnxn collab, “Ole.”

Nandi’s Song of the Week

Each week, Nandi Madida chooses her favourite track from one of Apple Music’s African playlists. This week she spotlights South African beatsmith DJ Kent and his Thakzin collab, “Horns In The Sun (feat. Mo-T, Mörda & Brenden Praise)[Thakzin Remix],” from Apple Music’s Mzansi Hits playlist, showcasing the biggest tracks in South Africa. Listen HERE.

Tune in and listen to the full episode this Friday, November 24th at 9a London / 10a Lagos/Paris / 11a Johannesburg / 1a LA / 4a NYC on Apple Music 1 at and broadcast on YFM Accra every Sunday at 2pm, YFM Kumasi on Saturdays at 3pm and YFM Takoradi on Saturdays at 6pm.


Teni tells Apple Music how Freedom Drives her Self-Expression

We live in a world where people set standards for us, but we’re different people. My sister & I, born on the same day from the same mother, the same father, but we’re two different people. We have to give people the chance to be themselves if we truly want the best in this world. We have to let people embrace themselves, be free.

You know freedom doesn’t mean go do bad or stupid things, but freedom means the art. It’s art, freedom is art to be your true authentic self. Freedom doesn’t stop you from improving yourself but freedom is just expression to say ‘this is me, this is who I am’ and I feel like when we’re not ourselves we’re robbing the world of greatness.

Teni tells Apple Music how Nature Inspires Her Imagination

When I travel to beautiful place, it inspires me – the ocean, the weather, the sky. For example in Cape Town, it’s sometimes the way the clouds come down, that’s a story it’s telling. It’s your own perspective, because life is all about perspective. It’s how you see it, it’s from your own lens and how you choose to interpret it, how the weather is making me feel – for example London…London weather, no offence, makes me feel down, makes me sad. London weather could be depressing sometimes.

What’s happening in my life at the time, or what’s happening in my friends’ life, and I can also go into my imaginary world just imagine what I want for myself or how I want to see the world. You know, just go into an imaginative space and create my own world with my own lyrics and melodies, and just enjoy.

Teni tells Apple Music how the Theme of Pain Permeates her album, ‘TEARS OF THE SUN’

When I named it TEARS OF THE SUN, I didn’t even know what was to come. I didn’t even know that I was about to experience some craziness – felt sick, life threatening – it made me just… ok I named this album TEARS OF THE SUN, but the sun is really tearing up right now!

But I’m happy I went through all this pain, because without pain there is no growth. I feel like we want growth but we’re scared of pain, and pain is the recipe for growth, because anything that comes with change is pain. You must go through discomfort, you must go through doubts, you will go through having to discipline yourself, and you know you going through this is a catalyst for success. It might seem hard in the beginning, but it teaches you consistency, and it teaches you to never give up on yourself.

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