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Victony Africa Now
Victony Africa Now

This Week’s Episode Features a Conversation With Victony, and the Hottest Tracks of the Week!

Cover Star Interview

Nigerian Afrobeats star Victony joins Nandi Madida via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about his latest single, “Anita.” He also discusses his new album, ‘Stubborn,’ how his creative versatility impacts his music, and some of his favourite collaborations from the album.

This Week’s Hottest New Tracks

Nandi Madida shares the hottest new African tracks of the moment. This week’s selection includes new tracks from Rema feat. Shallipopi, Black Sherif, Straffitti & Zlatan, and Major League DJz & Wiz Khalifa.
Tune in and listen to the full episode this Friday, June 21st at 9a Lagos/London / 10a Johannesburg/Paris / 1a LA / 4a NYC on Apple Music 1 at [YFM Accra every Sunday at 2pm, YFM Kumasi on Saturdays at 3pm and YFM Takoradi on Saturdays at 6pm].


Victony Tells Apple Music What Inspired His New Album, ‘Stubborn’

Looking back at everything I’ve been through – my come-up story and how I’ve defied the odds. I’ve stayed true to myself and kept my eyes on the goal all along. Nothing else has influenced by decisions.

Victony Tells Apple Music About His Career Trajectory So Far

Sometimes I look back and I’m like “Damn, you’ve really come a long way.” Going from the era of doing covers to my first EP. At the time I released my first EP, it felt like I blew. Then “Holy Father” came and I blew again. Then the ‘Outlaw’ EP came and I blew up even more. And now it’s ‘Stubborn.’ It definitely feels like I have three lives in such a short span, but overall I’m very excited for everything that’s to come.

Victony Tells Apple Music about the Visuals for ‘Stubborn’

It was definitely intentional. Once you see a knight, you know it’s war. Metaphorically, I feel like to get to this point, I’ve fought so many battles. Especially being in Nigeria, coming from where I’m coming from. I was born in Lagos; I’ve lived here all my life. I’ll tell you for free, it’s not the most inspiring or encouraging for any career path that you choose. Healing through all that, and being able to make it here as an artist, and having the opportunity to now inspire people. It was definitely intentional that I came up with the look and it just felt very organic to put the coif on and to demonstrate my artistry.

Victony Tells Apple Music About His Song, “Anita”

“Anita” is actually one of my favourite songs. Shout out to [the producer] P2J—I feel like P2J gave me masterclass production on that one. And I had to come through with my own delivery as well. It’s a really special record. We made it in London. I had a couple of sessions with P2J. We made an EP in a night. We made five songs and “Anita” was one of them. It was a really crazy experience. I cannot forget that night.

Victony Tells Apple Music About Working With KTIZO

“Oshaprapra” kind of embodies what the album is about. That’s a really special record. It was produced by KTIZO, who made “Jolene” on the ‘Outlaw’ EP. That’s a producer that I work with and they get me for real. Most of the songs that embody the theme of the album, I worked on with KTIZO. Their studio is a ten-minute drive from my house, so every time I’m really thinking about life and the only way to express it is through my music. I just drive to the studio and be like “Houdini, let’s make something happen.

Victony Tells Apple Music About Working With SAINt JHN

SAINt JHN is in my top five artists of all time. He’s someone I really look up to so you can imagine how much that session meant to me. Being in the same room as SAINt JHN and watching him create, learning from him. That was a very interesting record.

Victony Tells Apple Music About Exploring Different Musical Styles on ’Stubborn’

I wanted my fans to get a feel of all sides of Victony on this album. This is my debut album and my first opportunity for me to introduce myself to my fans properly. Let them know what I’m capable of. A lot of people joined the train around the time that I released the Outlaw EP. A small percentage of my fans know me from the “SMS” time into the ‘Saturn’ EP. This is where I like to introduce myself and say, “This is Victony.”

Victony Tells Apple Music About How His Creative Versatility Impacts His Music

Even outside music, I just love to try out different things. At some point I was in a dance group. At some point I tried acting. Even with some of the teasers I put out, I do acting here and there. So I try to incorporate that in my music as well, so I listen to all kinds of music. Fuse elements from different genres and try to make something beautiful. That’s something I really did during the process of making this album. I was in the learning phase and I just tried to apply all that I have learned.

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