Appointment Setting In Contact Centers


For generating appointments in outbound call centres, the centres usually use the appointment setting processes, which means that several outgoing calls are made for generation of appointments. If calls are made by taking the right measures and using different techniques, the efforts made in this outbound service can be highly successful. First of all, the call centres India agents must plan the calls they are about to make, so that they can have a control over the appointment setting process. All the data and information available with the agents should be reviewed so as to ensure that the agents are totally prepared to make the smart move.

The agents must know how to speak over the phone. It is a smart technique to speak while smiling; though the respondents do not get to see the agents in person, they can feel the smile in their voices, and this makes the conversation friendly.

The agents at call centres India must practice to have a relaxed tone in their voices, so that the relaxation is imparted to the customers on the other end of the line. This helps the respondents to be comfortable while speaking to the agents and help them open up better with their share of issues and problems.

It must be noted that the first appointment objections are usually made at the beginning of the calls. If the agents at the outbound call centres want to stop objections to their appointment setting calls, they must have a valid reason for making the calls in the first place. If the agents can speak of a special offer at the beginning of the call, the respondents might be interested in continuing with the conversation.

It is necessary to tell the individuals for what purpose the calls were made, and how long the appointment will be lasting, and how the entire process is going to benefit the respondents.

In case the people are asking questions that the agents are unaware of or do not have full knowledge on, they can tell the people that they will get the information and give them a call back as soon as possible. It is no use to make wild guesses at something that the agents do not know of.

Predictive dialling is a technology that can be used for appointment setting purposes. This way the agents can talk to several contacts in a short period of time, without dialing manually. Predictive dialling also helps to dial random numbers from the contact list and transfer the calls to any agent who is free or available to take the calls. This way no particular is bogged down with the pressures of outbound calling and the work distribution is equal.

The agents must be patient and no give up on the first objection that is encountered while appointment setting. If everything goes well, then the appointment time and date must be clarified before ending the call. The agents must thank the receivers of the call before closing the call.

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