Being creative is synonymous to being ?artistic, original, ingenious and imaginative?. This piece is not by any stretch suggesting that, the entire Ghanaian population do not have creative prowess.

If that was the case, there would have been no need to write this. I am sure by the time you finish reading this, you would perfectly understand that, some bit of creativity must and do exist in Ghana for this article to make sense.

Am I the only who have found enough reasons to question the innovative nature of our Ghanaian minds? Probably at this stage, the answer would be YES.

It seems a greater part of our existence as Ghanaians, stretching from our Business models to Entertainment concepts depend on the creativity of only a few.

I perfectly understand and appreciate ?trending? and economic benefits associated with several businesses engaging in common enterprises. However, what I have over the years recognised among Ghanaians go beyond any economic or ?trending? argument. It seems we are too lazy to think differently and venture into daring enterprises.

If you have ever questioned yourself as to why most Ghanaians seem to enter into a particular business when things are a little good in there, and then the moment someone comes up with another (that looks great), we all run in there until we all become sellers without consumers, then you have in some way spotted our non creative nature.

Do you remember the Communication Centre boom in Ghana? When almost every street in Ghana was choked with these outlets? Few ingenious people started this, and then every household had one, until literally we all became ?Comm Centre? operators without customers.

The ?Comm Centre? era did not last for long. After few people made bold steps into the world of Internet Cafes, the floodgate opened. Without any strict regulations and failing to learn anything from the Communication Centre era, we all built Internet Cafes behind our houses and offices. Those who had the vision were crashed down. Soon, the business was worth nothing.

Then when mobile telecommunication was gaining strength in Ghana, certain imaginative individuals ventured into what we called the ?Space To Space? enterprise. As usual, within few months, every major road in Ghana was decorated with umbrellas with children sitting under them, engaging in ?Space To Space?.

Must I tell you that, history repeated itself and supply quickly exceeded demand? The only people who benefitted were the children, they had the chance to go back to school.

Should I proceed to talk about the ?Ice Water? and ?Pure Water? days? What about the home made soap days? Have you forgotten the Lagos and Libya travels, when almost every household had someone on his way to these places?

If you are not aware of what the current boom is in the Fashion sector, then let me tell you, it is all about being a fashion designer or coming out with a clothing line.

The sad part of it all is that, most of these fashion designers or clothing line owners are ripping off the creativity of the few people who kicked started the market (same designs but different names and probably colours).

Let?s quickly look at our Entertainment industry in the above light. I clearly remember when every young girl wanted to be a TV presenter and then it all moved to becoming an Actress. It seems the Entertainment calendar is flooded with several concerts. Everyone is an event organizer or has an event lined up. It is event boom and soon it will all end as the pockets of patrons get dry.

For our music, the moment something start selling well, everyone becomes an expert in that. Ask yourself this, do we currently have musicians in Ghana or azontonians?

Where lies our creativity as individual Ghanaians? Must we always follow the same line and crash the hard work and creativity of those who decide to put their mind to work? Where is our individual uniqueness?

If I would have to answer my own question, I will say, I think we do not lack creativity but we are too lazy to think out of the box.

What do you think?

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