How to understand the difference between the need, desire and reality? Why the above difference one must know? The need and desires rarely go well with reality. When there is a mismatch between the need/desire and reality, one has to remain poor despite all richness. When one run after one’s need or desire, the reality should not be either negated or neglected.

Knowing, the need, desire and reality is important for the HR in a corporate only then they can recruit right candidates for the right job and can assign right task to right employee. The need and desire should not be simply defined from the end of ‘need’ and ‘desire’; it should be defined and understood from the realistic platform.

People who are engaged primarily in selling milk know the management truth of what the true definition of need, desire and reality. When they go to bazaar to buy a milk cow, they know how to select the right cow for the right price.

They never operate from the sphere of how much milk the cow would give so that they can profit well in the business. What special care the cow may require, food, the space, the ventilation etc, will be points they try to answer. Besides all, they also verify whether the cow would fit into their farm condition as well.

They never look at the mere ‘udder’ and believe that the cow would give so much of the milk. Just to meet their need of having a cow with high milk yield or the desire to become rich in the milk business, they never choose or buy a cow. They prevail over the reality of what infrastructure they have, how much special care they can offer etc., while making a decision.

From the eye of a big corporate or in comparison with the vast expertise and knowledge of a MBA graduate from a reputed management school the ‘milk vendor’ is ‘very ordinary’, ‘not studied well, know nothing beyond grazing and milking the cow. But in most instances, what management principles the milk vendor applies may not even be known to many corporate or the MBA graduates.

Limiting one’s need or desire due to reality is not the message of this article. Do not create a fitment issue between your desire/need and reality. You may wish to fly in the sky but remember you do not have wings. Do not stop your desire due to the reality that you do not have wings. Let having wings be your need or desire and work towards it. Then your desire/need to fly in the sky become a reality.

HR should understand the meaning correctly and position them accordingly while conducting people and task in the organization.

Look at a bee hive. The hive has huge chamber space to store honey. This is reality. Honey bees are very small and can carry and bring only small quantity of nectar to the hive. This is another reality. How to meet the desire of having honey filled in the entire hive is to employ a large number of bees. That is what queen bee does. Desire only can beat or meet the reality. Let reality be your desire so you will have realistic desire.

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