For most people, after completing education, finding a ‘suitable’ job is the most difficult task. The most common reason for the above problem is due to the lack of clarity and understanding of what is a suitable job.

Many youngsters would generally prefer joining ‘big’ MNC’s to be the right choice. They believe that only MNC’s would give them the right exposure and knowledge required for their career. With such exposure and knowledge, they believe that they can build a long lasting career elsewhere.

While, some group may think that working with medium level organizations will be the right thing as focused learning is possible in medium level organization and such possibility is remote in ‘big’ corporate. Diversity and opportunity in plenty would make one a generalist and not a specialist.

While some group may think that working with small companies, to start with is the best option as care, recognition and satisfaction will be high in smaller organizations.

Which option is best? Who is right? The first group of people wants to use the MNC exposure and knowledge to build their career. They may be looking for the best opportunity to adapt (evolve) and with such adaptation they presume that, they can do better in the future. Evolution or adaptation is not just an event or preparation for future. Only the present cue or necessitate the adaptation of ‘an inclusive future’ or in other words, only the present grows to future. Future is not separate from the present. The best environment may ‘provide’ or ‘offer’ its best, but one would never become ‘best’ at the expense of the environment.

Those who chose to work with medium level organization are right in some way that ‘defined’ adaptation possibility is what they believe for success.

The last group looks for protection and, security and only such an evolution or adaptation is seriously sought after by these people.

If one look at the nature, one can acquire all the essential wisdom and knowledge for how to search and find a job.

Every adaptation has ‘habitat’ specificity or it is called ‘niche’. A kangaroo and a wild beast are herbivores. Both of them have adapted as herbivores. But a kangaroo may not survive in the habitat of a wild beast and vice versa. One must understand ‘adaptation within adaptation’. Adaptation should be a ‘dichotomous’ process. In the best ecosystem, no one would adapt. Look at a zoo purely from the biological point of view. The biggest business of all animals is food gathering and then procreation. In a zoo, all animals are provided with food in time. In many zoos, even the mate is also provided. Unfortunately, none of the zoo animals are ‘capable survivors’ in the jungle if they are released. From the basic food need per see, zoo is the best ecosystem. But the best will never make one best.

The employees who aspire to join the ‘big’ MNC’s must realize this fact. Acquiring the best exposure and, knowledge, need not help them in any way if they were to join other organization.

The other group, who chose to work with medium level corporate, looks for reasonable adaptation with ‘habitat specificity’. When someone adapts to a habitat ‘totally’, would find it difficult to survive in other habitats like how a kangaroo may not survive in African forest.

The last group of people who seriously wants to adapt with specificity are like the giant panda or a polar bear or a penguin.

Searching an opportunity or adapting within the opportunity (habitat) is not complete and all inclusive process for career success. While adapting in the given opportunity, also one must learn to modify the same and adjust with anything new.

Job seekers in MNC’s would always remain as ‘seekers’ if they join elsewhere. While, the people who opts the medium level corporate would prefer to be a specialist. Those who like to settle with small organizations may not develop the required capability to bring a change in the ecosystem of the organizations they join later, as they are too adaptation centric.

Adapt, adjust and bring change ‘within’ and in the ecosystem. It is not mere career success you can carve, a success that will be total and all inclusive.



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