Moogho by Art Melody
Moogho by Art Melody

Moogho explores bridges between continents, styles and times, as Art Melody raps and sings on top of uncompromising productions by long time partner Redrum, aided by a slew of far reaching international producers.

Moogho by Art Melody
Moogho by Art Melody

Moogho is released exactly one year after the Burkinabè insurrection which successfully ousted president Blaise Compaoré.

The album also comes out days after the recent failed coup in Burkina Faso, a reminder of the still frail state of affairs in Ouagadougou.

A fragility which heighten the importance of artists like Art Melody, who has remained vocal and critical throughout the turmoil, without ever losing his faith in the Burkinabè people, and in particular its youth.

On Moogho Art Melody shares his commentary with unimitable technique, rapping and singing in both Mooré and Dioula, flowing freely in a current of hip hop, electro, blues, afrobeat, bass music and free jazz.

This deliberate juxtaposition of Burkinabè reality and global musicality sets Art Melody in the lineage of musical geniuses such as Afrika Bambaata, Archie Shepp, The Clash or Manu Dibango, who all blurred lines and embraced diverse influences and genres.

Moogho’s powerful statement is in sharp contrast with the stringent and absurdly repressive immigration policies of our times, it stands against cultural segmentation and social segregation. Moogho is a universal dance, a global vibration hailing straight from the streets of Ouagadougou.

Source: Akwaaba music


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