ASA Graduates Poised to Drive Global STEM Innovation

Headteacher Of Asa Gifty Ghansah
Headteacher of ASA, Gifty Ghansah,

The African Science Academy (ASA) recently celebrated its 7th graduation ceremony, honoring young women equipped with skills and knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). These graduates, hailing from diverse African nations including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Cameroon, and Zambia, have completed the globally recognized Cambridge International A-Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, and Physics over the past ten months. Their education was fully funded by scholarships, and included studies in robotics and computer programming.

The ceremony highlighted the resilience and dedication of the students. In their speeches, the graduates expressed their readiness to apply their new skills and pledged to be ambassadors of ASA.

ASA was founded in 2016 by Dr. Tom Ilube, Chair of the African Gifted Foundation, as an all-girls STEM academy for gifted African girls from low-income backgrounds. Dr. Ilube emphasized the global impact of investing in African youth, expressing confidence in the graduates’ potential to drive change. He noted, “By 2050, Africa’s population will be 2.5 billion people, a quarter of the world’s population. Impact here resonates globally.”

Gifty Ghansah, the Headteacher of ASA, praised the graduates for their tenacity and comprehensive skill set, urging them to challenge the status quo and strive for excellence. “You have the power to make a significant impact,” she affirmed. She also noted the development of resilience, creativity, and problem-solving skills essential for addressing global challenges.

The British High Commissioner to Ghana, Harriet Thompson, expressed admiration for ASA’s students, highlighting their abilities as sources of optimism and hope. “Every time I visit ASA, I am inspired by you students. You are doing amazing things,” she remarked.

David Chisholm, Regional Director (Middle East and Africa) at Apple Inc., urged the graduates to find joy in their work, build positive relationships, and maintain a balanced life. He also praised their sincerity and urgency in contributing to their communities.

The ceremony was attended by trustees of the African Gifted Foundation, the CEO of the Business and Financial Times, representatives from the UN and UNFPA, Technip FMC, the University of Warwick, Aya Data, ASA alumnae, and parents.

Head and Deputy School Prefects, Emmaculate Wey Amu Adiba and Bernice Blanney Tetteh, expressed gratitude to Dr. Ilube and Ms. Ghansah for their unwavering support. They acknowledged the challenges of adapting to the new curriculum, which they overcame with the help of their teachers and peers.

Several students received awards for their academic and non-academic achievements. Notable awardees included:

  • Best Student in A-Level Maths: Belise Hirwa Umurerwa
  • Best Student in A-Level Further Maths: Precious Agyei
  • Best Student in A-Level Physics: Nicole Mutesi & Mirabel Ukazu
  • Overall Best Student in Academics: Precious Agyei
  • Outstanding Development Award: Mary Amissah
  • All-round Student Award: Belise Hirwa Umurerwa
  • Most Disciplined Student: Bernice Blanney Tetteh
  • ASA Resilience Award: Sylvia Akanpawine & Mavis Marfo
  • ASA Ambassador: Bernice Blanney Tetteh
  • Exceptional Dedication Award: Belise Hirwa Umurerwa & Mariama Ayaaba Alhassan
  • ASA Excellence Award: Emmaculate Wey Amu Adiba
  • ASA Award for Integrity: Bernice Blanney Tetteh
  • ASA Ambition Award: Jane Seyram Ocloo
  • ASA Caring Community Award: Belise Hirwa Umurerwa
  • ASA Empowerment Award: Precious Agyei
  • ASA Innovation Award: Nuna Aseye Afi Nyamekor, Mirabel Ukazu & Zakia Mahamudu Sisse
  • ASA Creativity Award: Neolla Theodette Uwabeza & June Njiru
  • ASA Diversity Award: Chinelo Adaugo Nnamdi-Kanu

The graduates of ASA are now poised to impact the world, equipped with the education and determination to drive innovation and development across Africa and beyond.

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