Asem Darke “Dze Asem Kese Aba”


By Margaret Jackson


Truth, they say will not always be hidden, that is why Matthew 10:26 states “So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” Ecclesiastes 12:14 also has this to say “For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.” Again Proverbs 10:9 amplifies it by stating “The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.” Finally, Mark 4:22 nail it with this “For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open.”


About two weeks ago, precisely on Sunday January 29, 2012, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), held an Interdenominational Prayer Service at the Essipong Sports Stadium in Sekondi to seek the face of God and His divine intervention and success in the 2012 elections. As announced, almost all the NPP gurus most of whom played various roles in plunging the country’s coffers during the NPP’s eight years in office, found themselves at the stadium praying fervently that God should bring them back to power for them to continue from where they left the country’s rape.


I was not there, but as it is the norm during church services, members of the NPP and sympathisers who thronged to the stadium may have found time to confess their sins during the church service. I do not know if any of the worshippers may have confessed to God concerning the missing 77 parcels of cocaine on board the MV Benjamin vessel which berthed at Tema on April 26, 2006. If they did or did not ask for forgiveness for the missing cocaine, God had other plans for the NPP.


Barely after the NPP men and women, had left the stadium very satisfied and confident that God is going to roll them back into victory in the 2012 elections, God in his own wisdom, brushed the lip off what the NPP had done so well to conceal from Ghanaians and in the International Community since 2006. Lo and behold, “Sherriff The Limping Man”, Asem Darke, the main mystery brain behind the missing 77 parcels of cocaine on board the MV Benjamin vessel was spotted and reported to the security agents. And before the NPP could sit and do their post mortem analysis on the Sekondi church service, Asem Darke was picked up by the security agents, immediately sending panic waves across the length and breadth of the NPP quarters.


The arrest of Asem Darke will surely be the biggest news of the decade. And to be brutally frank, Asem Darke “Dze Asem Kese Aba” (Asem Darke’s arrest has surely brought a big issue to the front and centre). Otherwise, if the NPP thinks none of its members or officials are involved in the missing cocaine, why would its General Secretary, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie go on the offense by accusing the NDC of trying to change the tide by making news out of Asem Darke’s arrest?


The 77 parcels of the missing cocaine (30 kilogrammes each) totally weigh 2,310 kilos. The current street value of a kilo of cocaine is $100,000. But this largely depends on whether the cocaine is pure or mixed and also whom you know, and which part of the United States you are in. Therefore, if we want to go with a conservative value by taking the average street value of $90,000 per kilo, the 77 parcels of cocaine comes up to $207.9 Million (332.6 Million Cedis). Ladies and gentlemen, this is the whopping filthy money shared by those who shepherd the cocaine from the Tema harbour in two canoes which sailed under tight government security under the cover of darkness to the Kpone Beach, where they we eventually off-loaded into a waiting vehicle which vanished into thin air.

It would be recalled that the uproar in Ghana became so great concerning this missing cocaine. This is because the United States personally alerted Ghana before even the MV Benjamin vessel berthed at the Tema harbor. As a face saving act, ex-president Kufour hurriedly assembled a kangaroo committee headed by the current Chief Justice, Georgina Wood, to save the heads of the main players involved, but rather go after the little guys to brush the nose of Ghanaians. As a result, nothing much was achieved by Georgina Wood who was later rewarded by Kufour by being appointed the Chief Justice, after she had submitted her so-called report. I repeat nothing much was achieved as the 77 parcels of cocaine remains missing up to today, and Kufour has no shame of being the president at the time, but feels proud to talk about issues concerning other people.

The arrest of the Limping Man, which would surely open so many cans of worms in the Kufour’s administration, will also send anybody involved in the case limping for cover. Already, NPP’s loud-mouthed parliamentarian, Kennedy Ohene Agyepong, who never dreamt of becoming rich due to his illicit activities, has been fingered by the Limping Man as one of the beneficiaries of the filthy loot. Ladies and gentlemen, I can say with all authority that the Limping Man is gradually ‘limping’ his net to cover some other people in the NPP. Can you believe that apart from Kennedy Agyepong, Asem Darke has also mentioned Kan-Dapaah, Member of Parliament for Afigya Sekyere West, Chief Kufour (Son of ex-president Kufour) and Kofi Osei-Ameyaw, former MP for Asuogyaman, as being part of the network of beneficiaries of the missing cocaine? Truly “asem kese reba, frankaa si do.” As I write, the NPP is in total disarray as the party men and women do not know the kind of information the Limping Man may have divulged to the authorities.


But credible information that I have uncovered has it that the Limping Man has vowed not to go down alone. He is saying that it’s about time Ghanaians know nothing but the whole truth in the matter in order to bring it to closure. In fact he has told the authorities that he is ready to limp with anyone who benefited from the loot, damn the consequence. This cocaine saga has once again reawakened Ghanaians to the fact that the NPP as a government will never do anything against illicit drugs but will support the barons and pushers as long as they get their fair cut from the deals.


I am at this point, imploring the investigating authorities, to do thorough but fault-proof investigations into the matter. I am reliably informed that the NPP and their lawyers are pouring into the case and are bracing themselves in using some technicalities to get the case dismissed if it should be brought to court. Remember this is what the NPP has done since the NDC returned to power. All the cases sent to court have suffered under this same fate, whereby the NPP lawyers simply use some simple technicalities to get those cases against their ex-government officials dismissed without allowing the cases to be determined on their own merits and demerits.


We are pensively waiting to see the issues that would emerge from the investigations, and trust me this is not a good time for the NPP who thought they have a winning campaign message in the Woyome issue that some of its own members are deeply involved. Have you heard that finally, NPP’s Communications Director, Nana Akomea, has come out to state that some NPP members benefitted from Woyome? And O. B. Amoah, former Deputy Minister of Education, in an interview on Radio Gold stated that he cannot say that he has not benefitted from Woyome and that he had donated to his campaign fund-raiser? Wonders will always never end.


Indeed we are all grateful that, God at this appointed time is allowing whatever is hidden in the missing 77 parcels of cocaine to be disclosed, and we firmly believe that whatever is concealed in the missing cocaine would eventually be brought out into the open. I know that God does not watch over evil or allow evil to triumph over good. Every dog, to me would eventually have his/her day.

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