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Ashaiman Chief Calls For Reflection Among Muslims

The Chief Of Ashaiman Annang Adzor
The Chief Of Ashaiman Annang Adzor

The Chief of Ashaiman, Annang Adzor, has extended warm wishes to the Muslim community in Ghana.

During his address, the chief emphasised the importance of reflection and moderation, echoing the teachings of Prophet Mohammed.

Acknowledging the significance of Eid al-Fitr as a time of celebration and gratitude, Nii Adzor urged Muslims to avoid excessive revelry and instead use the occasion for self-reflection and spiritual growth.

“I want to emphasise the need for Muslims to adhere to the teachings of Prophet Mohammed, who advocated for humility and modesty in all aspects of life. We can be celebrating Eid-al-Fitr and doing things that are against the Quran. Every Muslim must use the occasion for self-reflection and spiritual growth,” he stated.

Highlighting concerns over road safety, he issued a stern warning against wrongful overspeeding, particularly among motorcycle riders and drivers.

“We must embrace the importance of responsible behaviour on the roads to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of all road users during this Eid festivity and beyond. You must be alive and healthy to celebrate many more Eids to come,” he warned.
Drawing inspiration from the visionary leadership of the Sheikh of Dubai, Chief Nii Annang Adzor called upon Muslims in Ghana to explore innovative ways to contribute to the prosperity of the nation. He cited the transformative initiatives undertaken in Dubai, emphasising the potential for similar progress in Ghana through proactive and entrepreneurial efforts.

In a firm stance against crime and lawlessness, Chief Nii Annang Adzor urged Muslims to uphold the principles of integrity and respect for the law. He emphasised the importance of fostering a culture of peace and cooperation within the community, stressing that adherence to these values is essential for receiving blessings from Allah.

“As the month of fasting has come to a close, I urge Muslims to carry forward the spirit of compassion and goodwill beyond Ramadan. I emphasise the importance of being peace-loving individuals and contributing positively to society, thereby fostering harmony and unity among all citizens. That is what Prophet Mohammed requires of you if indeed you obey his teachings,” he appealed.

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