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Ashaiman Chief Urges National Reflection, Unity for Ghana’s Development

A School Girl Receiving A Trophy During The Th Independence Day Celebration At Ashaiman
A School Girl Receiving A Trophy During The Th Independence Day Celebration At Ashaiman

Source: Mildred Eshun

The Chief of Ashaiman, Nii Annang Adzor, has taken a moment to reflect on the country’s journey since gaining independence. In a passionate address, he called for a collective effort to address shortcomings, build on achievements, and pave the way for a brighter future.

He made this call during the 67th Independence Day Observation, dubbed “our democracy, our pride” in Ashaiman.

According to him, a lot has changed since the regime of Ghana’s first president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, and there is a need to intentionally build on whatever progress we have made.

“Reflecting on Nkrumah’s regime, a lot has changed, but we need to build on whatever progress we have made and not deviate from our path,” he emphasised.

He urged every Ghanaian to revisit the importance of nationalistic feelings and ponder if the government has adequately reflected on the country’s developmental prospects in comparison to neighbouring nations.

He mentioned that, despite being the first country in the subregion to gain independence, Ghana faces challenges that hinder progress.


Nii Adzor highlighted the need for unity in finding solutions, citing examples of countries like China, Malaysia, and Dubai that have achieved remarkable development. He urged Ghanaians
to be intentional about proactive developmental agendas.

The chief expressed concern about the growing trend of Ghanaians seeking opportunities abroad for better prospects. He called on the government and businesses to create programmes that engage the youth, preventing the mass exodus in search of greener pastures.


Addressing the issue of unemployed nurses, Nii Adzor stressed the importance of developing programmes that would encourage the youth to contribute to building the nation.

“It’s not the intention of the youth to go abroad, but it seems the government doesn’t have plans for them after school,” he said.

He urged the government and business leaders to bring forth initiatives that could harness the potential of the country’s youth and reverse the current trend. Emphasising the role of the diaspora, Nii Adzor highlighted the wealth of ideas that Ghanaians abroad could bring back to help develop the country.

He called for a collective effort to leverage these resources for the benefit of the nation. Amidst his call for reflection, Nii Adzor also emphasised the importance of planning for the future, saying, “There’s no future anywhere. The future is here today. If you plan your future, you have a future,” he stated.

Plans and ideas

He urged the youth to focus on building plans and ideas that could transform their communities rather than indulging in destructive behaviours. Nii Adzor further urged Ghanaians to patronise locally-made products, citing examples such as Kantanka Automobile.

He encouraged citizens to support Ghanaian technocrats and craftsmen who contribute to the growth of local industries. Nii Annang Adzor’s Independence Day message resonates as a call to action, urging Ghanaians to unite, reflect on their collective journey, and actively participate in the socio-economic development of the country.

As the celebrations continue, his words serve as a poignant reminder that the future of Ghana lies in the hands of its people and their commitment to change and progress.

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