After a while, Yaw decided to give the idea a
try. “Money is hard to come by these days”, he
Yaw lives with his single mom and two sisters.
As the oldest child of a poor family, he is set to
break the financial barrier to make life more
comfortable. His wealthy relatives are not
willing to be of help.
Internet fraud seemed the most easiest way to
make money. Along with some friends, they visit
the internet cafe and browse throughout the
night. Age 15 becomes the right time to
become financially independent.
One has to quickly learn the rudiments of the
new profession else stand the risk of getting
caught or loosing huge sums of money.
“Charley the client is proving stubborn”, one of
the boys laments. “Shouldn’t there be another
way round?”. That’s how the whole drama
What happens in the context of society, no one
really cares. The plight of these young ones is
mostly in their own hands. Everyone needs to
survive. Its only our conscience that needs to
guide us. Shouldn’t there be enough guidance
for these young ones?
To these under privileged who want to do
anything to survive, nothing is so risky to
venture. The world does not care anyway. How
can this issue be resolved? Who will be their
For some of them, it only takes kind hearts and
helping hands to pull them from the claws of
danger. It behoves on every person to at least
extend a listening ear and a genuine act of
kindness to some of these victims. When we
refuse to be of help, we risk ourselves of being
their next target.
We need our young abled bodies to be wise,
educated and strong. Commercial sex work,
internet fraud, pick pocketing, armed robbery,
gambling, among other social vices can be put
to a halt in our own small ways.
Save the world. Involve in a life changing
project. Be the voice. Let’s get concerned.
Share a smile with someone. The least you can
do is to offer your ears to them, do not be
quick to judge.

You are blessed to be a blessing.
Signed: Justica Anima


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