Assembly Man hopeful Ebenezer Aidoo outlines developmental measures

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Ebenezer Aidoo,

Hon. Ebenezer Aidoo, Assembly Man hopeful for the Kaneshie Electoral Area has outlined strategic and developmental measures put in place to be implemented within his area.

According to him, youth development is key and falls in line with his missions and objectives as a politician.

He mentioned that the welfare of the youth should not be restricted but given critical national attention and relevance.

“The community now belongs to the youth and their welfare and well-being should not be restricted but made paramount. The reason I am coming is because of the youth, I believe strongly that, when the people are developed, the community is also developed. The youth in Kaneshie are hardworking, but they don’t have jobs some are JHS leavers, university graduates others also have masters but they are into smoking and drinking,” he said.

The young entrepreneur also reiterated the need to empower the youth through job creation and skills training.

Adding that his objectives and policies are geared towards human resource and community development.

“My focus is also to create more jobs for the youth, empower and let them realize their potentials that they are the future leaders of the country. We have everything in this community but we lack quality leadership, that is also our major problem. Kaneshie hasn’t change everything is still the same, so we need change,” Hon. Ebenezer Aidoo stressed.

“We need an economic policy in Kaneshie, a sanitation policy, a security policy among other things to transform the area. We will work and collaborate with other stakeholders to ensure all these come to realization.

As an HR by profession, Hon. Ebenezer Aidoo aims to utilize opportunities at his disposal to establish a sustainable working environment for the youth within his electoral area.

He also highlighted some significant and life-changing projects carried out under his jurisdiction.

“Whiles not in power I have lobbied for the youth to gain employment in various sectors and we can boldly say that the unemployment rate in Kaneshie has reduced. We are working to establish more employment for them. If you come to Kaneshie and say you are looking the assembly man, they will bring you to my place even though I am not in position yet. But due to the works and things we’ve done,” he added.

The 2023 National District Elections has been scheduled for 19th December across the country. The election would see Assembly Members and Unit Committee Members being elected.

Hon. Ebenezer Aidoo, popularly called ‘Still Believe’ says he is optimistic of winning the Kaneshie Electoral Area elections.

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