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Astounding Miracles Leave Ashaiman in Awe at Jesus Prophetic Crusade

The crusade
The crusade

The second night of the Jesus Prophetic and Miracle Crusade witnessed an awe-inspiring display of divine interventions, leaving the audience amazed and grateful.

Instant Healing for the Afflicted;
Hundreds of attendees experienced instantaneous healings during the Day 2 crusade. Stroke patients and individuals with excruciating leg pain, dependent on crutches for mobility, were miraculously healed. Their walking sticks were discarded as they rejoiced in newfound mobility.

Healing for the Senses;
The miraculous power extended to those with hearing and vision impairments. Countless individuals, previously unable to hear or see, rejoiced as they received the gift of sound and sight, all through the divine touch of God.

Astonishing Testimonies
Among the heartwarming testimonies was the healing of a woman in her late 40s. Plagued by visibly swollen legs and unable to walk, she experienced a remarkable transformation before the audience’s eyes. As she rose and walked, her visibly swollen legs shrank, and she was free from her affliction.

The prophet of God revealed that the woman had unknowingly stepped on a charm dropped at her shop. However, through the divine revelation and the prophet’s touch, she received instant healing.

Another incredible miracle involved a young man in his thirties, who had been suffering from visual impairment. After encountering the divine touch of God, his sight was fully restored, and he rejoiced in this miraculous healing.

Overflow of Miracles;
Many others were blessed with instant miracles, finding relief from severe migraines, waist pains, and various other ailments, experiencing the divine healing touch of Jesus.

Great Anticipation for Friday Night;
As the second night concluded with an overwhelming sense of awe, the anticipation for the third and final night on Friday, July 26th, heightened.

The man of God had earlier promised to enter his prophetic office on the last day of the crusade. However, at the tail end of the Thursday night service, the prophetic anointing came upon him, and he couldn’t help but deliver a powerful prophecy.

One notable revelation concerned a man entangled in dark rituals and facing threats on his life from a mallam. To confirm the prophecy, the said man together with two others stepped forward. The prophet of God said a word of prayer for them and they were redeemed.

Prophet Kpegah declared that Friday night would be a double dose of affairs, combining a crusade and all-night service, promising an evening of extraordinary miracles and prophecies.

The daughters of Glorious Jesus was also fully in attendance to bless the crowd with their sterling spirit filled performances.

In celebration of this special, 20,000 pieces of anointing oil will be distributed during the Friday night service, enhancing the spiritual experience of all attendees.

Soothing Gospel Music and More
Adding to the excitement, several renowned gospel musicians will be present, gracing the occasion with powerful and soothing songs, celebrating and crowning the success of the crusade. Notable among them would be Ohemaa Mercy.

A Call to Faith;
Just like on the first night of the crusade, hundreds of people responded to the call and gave their lives to Christ, experiencing a transformational spiritual journey.

As the event reaches its crescendo on Friday night, the anticipation for more miraculous wonders and divine revelations remains high, as attendees eagerly await a night of miracles, prophetic utterances, and a deep spiritual connection.

Elvis Washington Agyimanku-Journalist

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