Atta Mill’s Integrity To Be President And Dr Ben Kunbuor’s Integrity As Attorney-General


We are happy that Mr. Martin Amidu on 1st June 2010 confirmed in a rejoinder on CITI-FM to statements made by one Owula Mangoatey on RADIO GOLD, that as the Minister of the Interior he (Mr. Amidu) caused Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor (then Minister for Health) to be investigated by the Police and the Police produced a damning report on Dr. Kunbuor which he sent to the President and yet the President found it convenient to appoint such a person as Dr. Kunbuor as Attorney-General so that he would be afraid resist carrying out any instructions from the President even when they are unprofessional and unconstitutional.


We wish to substantiate Mr. Martin Amidu’s statement on CITI-FM of 1st June 2012 in attaching herewith the final “REPORT ON GR4656 10 Lab No. 68/10” dated 29th July 2010” signed by the Government Analyst and its covering letter of 4th august 2010 for the public to make its own judgment on the issues of cover up in the prosecution of cases investigated by us which we have raised since Dr. Kunbuor’s confirmation as Attorney-General.


As Concerned Detectives we have in two previous articles published on 31t January 2012 and 8th Februray 2012 on the electronic and print media complained about the propriety to our very challenging job of investigations for the President to knowingly appoint Dr. Benjamin Kunbour first as the Minister for the Interior and secondly to confirm him as the Attorney-General in an office which requires its occupiers to be persons of proven integrity and high moral character. We asserted that the President confirmed Dr. Kunbour as Attorney-General because the existence of our report makes Dr. Kunbuor an easy tool in the hands of the President to cover up good criminal investigations dockets for mere political expediency. Every investigator knows that the President could not use Mr. Martin Amidu when a crime is disclosed by a criminal docket.


To make our point we published “the Report on GR 4656 10 dated 6th July 2010 to put beyond doubt that as detectives we found that there was no assassination attempt on Hon. Dr. Kunbuor’s life as he alleged to the Ghanaian public on the night of 28th June 2010. Dr. Kunbour fired his own pistol from his own car to sustain his lies.” We also said that: “In any other democracy Hon. Dr. Kunbuor would not have been transferred to be Minister of the Interior or now be confirmed in the sensitive position of the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General which requires a person with integrity, honesty, and justice to guarantee the safety of all Ghanaians.”  With the publication of the final report we expose both the integrity of the President and Dr. Kunbuor who should have resigned or been dismissed under any Government bent on eradicating crime.


As detectives politics is not our business. Ours is to expose crime which we do by this publication.

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