Attack on the South Belfast home of Cllr Claire Hanna


Cllr Claire Hanna

Cllr Claire Hanna

( January 06, 2013, UK, Refugee News Network )-The SDLP has confirmed that police are investigating an attack on the South Belfast home of Cllr Claire Hanna.

Cllr Hanna, her husband and baby daughter,  were not at home when shots from what appears to be a high powered ball bearing gun were fired striking her front windows and door seven times.

The SDLP Balmoral Councillor expressed her disgust at the attack which she said showed utter contempt for her young family and was an attack on her and the SDLP?s right to represent and speak out for a better Belfast and reconciled Northern Ireland.

SDLP Leader and South Belfast MP, Alasdair McDonnell, condemned that attack saying unionist political leaders and those organising illegal protests needed to take full responsibility for this attack on a hard working and popular councillor.

He said: ?Claire Hanna works hard to build true reconciliation in our city. Those who attacked her home are showing contempt for democracy and her electoral mandate, and have put her young family in danger.?

Cllr Hanna, Chair of the East Belfast Policing and Community Safety Partnership, said she would not be intimidated by what she described as fascist elements with no respect for democracy.

?The last number of weeks have been disturbing for those of us who aspire to a genuinely shared future, and to the principle that all here can be British, Irish or both as they so choose. This attack won?t stop me working to promote core SDLP values of partnership, equality and mutual respect.?

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