Attempt To Demolish & Seize Private Property Foiled…Samira In The Eye Of The Storm

Lands Commission
Lands Commission

A crude attempt by some thugs suspected to have been organized by the office of the second-lady to go and demolish a businessman’s property within the Adjiriganor enclave was foiled by a swift response by the police.

Speaking in an interview with the spokesperson of the businessman Mr. Kofi Asamoah, he explained that his boss had acquired and developed that parcel of land from a certain Tuaka family, fully paid for and documented.,

Giving a little background to the history of the area, Mr. Asamoah narrated that the true owners of lands within that enclave as directed by a supreme court judgment are the Tuaka family and Accra Boy family in which the latter has a greater portion of that parcel of land.

He said, his boss had actually bought the land from the Tuaka family but later on, Accra Boy family also showed up to lay claim to same and so to avoid any frustration in litigation the businessman paid off Accra Boy family too for the same land he had bought from the Tuaka family and proceeded to develop his property.

“We were busy developing the land, then a company called Winchester files a suite at a Tema High Court against us and then another group also files a case at Accra High court over same. Whilst we are at it, suddenly a certain Hajia whom we now know is fronting for the second lady shows up with a judgment from a circuit court in Adenta to possess the land. So then we quickly filed for stay of execution and put in our application for appeal too and duly served Hajia and her lawyers”, he stated.

He said, “however, while we were waiting for the circuit court to deal with the appeal brought before it and also to look at the fact that the matter was already at a superior court in Tema, we heard that Hajia and her group had gone to seek permit from the Adenta municipal assembly to come and pull down the building on our land just this last Thursday. So when we got wind of it we quickly mobilized ourselves and called in the police too to assist. They had actually packed a payloader with a bulldozer on it at a vantage point close to our buildings and were just ready to move in but for our alertness they couldn’t venture”

Mr. Asamoah added that “one criminal thing they also did was to attach photos of our buildings at the various levels we’ve reached to the documents they presented to the Adenta Assembly, laying claim to the land and to show what they have on it already… and so the question is, why would anybody go and seek permission to come and demolish his own building on his own land?”.

In the meantime, the Accra High court case has been thrown out for lack of merit and the Tema court has also ruled in favor of the businessman and has directed in his dictum that he can continue to develop his property.

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