Mrs Amissah-Authur
Mrs Amissah-Authur

Mrs Amissah-Authur who was the special guest of the programme had to wait for more than 20 minutes for the programme to begin.

Mrs Amissah-Authur
Mrs Amissah-Authur

Mrs Amissah-Arthur accompanied by the Deputy Eastern Regional Minister, Ms Mavis Ama Frimpong and Mr D.S Boateng, arrived at the venue of the programme at exactly 9.00 am when the programme organisers were not around.

Though the programme was scheduled to start at 8.30 am, members of the Ghana Library Association, the Regional Director of the Ghana Library Authority (GLA), the Regional Director of Education and the New Juaben Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) who chaired the function, were all late.

All these personalities who were designated to sit on the high table earlier to welcome the special guest unfortunately came way after Mrs Amissah-Arthur had arrived and was rather waiting for them.

School children from the Presbyterian Primary School on the compound of the Ascension Presbyterian Church Hall, where the programme took place were brought in 15 minutes after the Second lady had assumed her seat.

When the convoy of the Second lady entered the compound, the school children were in their classrooms waving and shouting in acknowledgement of her arrival, so the question is why they were kept in the classroom until the woman had arrived.

After 20 minutes of waiting for invited school children and the public, the programme began, surprisingly nobody rendered an apology to the Second lady and her entourage, as if it was normal for her to wait all that while.

According to reliable sources, the authorities of some schools in the municipality were informed of the programme and were asked to release the pupils to participate in the programme.

A retired public servant who spoke to GNA on the condition of anonymity said, it was a shame that nobody realised that it was highly unethical for the Second lady to wait for the organisers of a programme she had been invited.

He said it was unfortunate that even the MCE, who chaired the function and the Regional Director of the GLA, host of the entire programme had to come late and described it as indiscipline of the highest order.

Source: Bertha Badu-Agyei, GNA


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