Madam Dzifa Attivor
Dull Rail Sector Angers Transport Minister

The apparent resignation of Hon. Dzifa Attivor, the minister of Transport has generated a lot of public discus as critics are of the view that the mode of resignation leaves much to be desired.

Transport Minister, Mrs Dzifa Attivor addressing the launch.
Transport Minister, Mrs Dzifa Attivor

A statement which was signed by her special assistant Egypt Kudoto December 23 2015 said “Hon. Mrs. Dzifa Attivor, Minister of Transport wishes to inform the good people of Ghana that, as the Minister with oversight responsibility for the activities of the Metro Mass Transit (MMT). She has tendered in her resignation as Minister due to the current issues surrounding the branding of the 116 buses.

one of such groups who are of the firm idea that Madam Attivor was pushed to write or sign her resignation letter is pressure group, Critical Thinkers International.

The group in a press release has bemoaned the manner in which the former Transport Minister allowed herself to be “used” as a sacrificial lamp by the Mahama led administration.

“Was her hard earned reputation worth the sacrifice for the greediness and selfishness of President Mahama and his NDC led Government”?

Below is the full press released copied to by the executives of Critical Thinkers International.



We at Critical Thinkers International must confess that, it was morally right and good of Hon. Dzifa Attivor to have resigned.

It is rumored that, she might had been forced and given a huge sum of money to resign but that isn’t our concern though even if its true.

Our concern here is about her allowance for the tarnish of her image, the punishment of others involved and how Ghana can get back our money to help use for meaningful projects for the betterment of the deprived in the society.

Firstly, We are very sad that she has allowed herself to be used by President Mahama and this NDC government as a scapegoat to cover up their bad dealings through their continuous employ of strategies to Create, Loot and Share of Ghana’s now made limited resources under their leadership.

We are sad she has allowed a tarnish of her image which has as a result brought a huge disgrace onto herself and her entire family, a disgrace her children and herself will have to live with for a long time, a great dent on her image which will be very difficult to clean like an indelible ink on a white sheet.

Was her hard earned reputation worth the sacrifice for the greediness and selfishness of President Mahama and his NDC led Government?

Secondly, It smells of hypocrisy the attitude this NDC government attaches to this issue.
So does President Mahama and his NDC led government want to tell us that their about three to six months ago awareness of this project never told them that such a project can never hit a ceiling price of 3.6 million ghana cedis?

Even a primary one kid could easily have found this out, then how more the entire NDC government led by him. Where from all this hypocrisy?

Actually, we know the whole NDC government led by President Mahama were very much aware of this intentionally executed scandal, an irresponsible President he has been/is/will be, a show of a President not in-charge if he tells us an opposite.

Due to this, we suggest President Mahama should also resign just as Hon. DZIFA ATTIVOR has done.

Lastly, we are surprised Selassi Ibrahim, the Ochestrator/Captain of this whole scandal is walking around freely like the GEORGE in the GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE movie.

We also suggest she is pushed before court to feel the full fist of the LAW in other to deter others from doing same in the future and also force her to refund all the excess money on the rebranding of the bus so as to use it for very meaningful, beneficial projects for the lacking in society in Ghana.

Thank you and may God be praised always



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