Attractive or Repulsive? What Kind of Energy Do You Put Out?

Nicholas Ameyaw-Akumfi
Nicholas Ameyaw-Akumfi

There are two kinds of people in this world. In the first category we find people who are a joy to be around. These people are usually smiling and have a warmth about them.

They have a willingness to help, and they are not very critical. They usually have a positive way of looking at any situation. They look for the good in every person and thing. They express gratitude and appreciation easily.

They count their blessings and they go out of their way to help other people. They speak kindly of others, giving people the benefit of the doubt. They see their own future as bright.

They are visionaries who see the good and the light everywhere. And when you spend any time around these type of people you always feel uplifted, more positive and somewhat refreshed, energized and motivated afterwards.

The second category of people usually have a frown or a scowl on their faces. They wear a look of disapproval most of the time.

They are not pleasant to be around. They nitpick and look for flaws in everything and everyone. They are pessimistic and cynical. They whine and complain a lot.

They are never happy or satisfied, no matter what. They expect the worse. They have bad luck. They are usually victims of some injustice or another.

When you spend any time with them you always go away feeling drained and depleted. You may experience a headache or an upset stomach after having to deal with them. You dread having to talk to them or be around them for any length of time.

I’m sure that if you think about it that you already know and deal with people from both categories described above.

Which category do you fit into?

The TRUTH is that we are all so very powerful, and whether we realize it or not we all create our own realities. Each person, regardless of which category they fall into has created their own reality. What role do you think that their attitudes have played in the realities that each has created for themselves?

Maybe you have heard the old saying “If You Are Not Part of the Solution, You Are Part of the Problem”.

It is 100% your choice to create your own reality in a way that allows you to be and have whatever it is you want in this lifetime.

There is another old saying that goes something like this, “You Catch More Flies With Honey Than With Vinegar”.

If you want to draw positive things into your life, be POSITIVE. Think, act and say positive things. Expect positive results. Remain optimistic.

Feed your soul by spending time in nature. Allow yourself time to meditate and recharge your batteries. Surround yourself with beautiful things and think beautiful thoughts.

In this way you will find yourself being healed. Time spent like this will bring you peace of mind and a smile to your face. It will cause your own personal energy to become magnetic, assisting you in your ability to draw to yourself the things that you desire into your life.

It is only by giving to yourself in this way that you can have the energy and ability to be able to give to others. And that brings to mind one more old saying, “It Is In Giving That We Receive”.

Share a smile with someone today and make the world a better, brighter place.

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