Atuguba’s Ruling Suffers Attack


wpid-wpid-justicatuguba.jpgGhana is indeed on a dangerous path. The Executive and Judiciary branches of the government have indulged in utterly disgraceful instances of hypocrisy, selective justice, and impunity that even the most tolerant person would find appalling. While leaders of both branches of government bask in the silly ignorance that their actions merely constitute a display to opponents about where power lies, many of us real patriots cannot but wonder if these petty actions have the potential of jeopardizing our international reputation to the detriment of successes we could chalk up at places such as the Eurobond.

For over four years now we have witnessed countless instances in which an NDC member would abuse power with impunity. Some of the most inappropriate, and even illegal statements and/or activities by NDC members that are too numerous to state here go completely unpunished. But let one NPP member react in the mildest of forms and the BNI would be at his or her door.

All this while we had assumed that the Judiciary would be different. It, after all, ?is the place where the law speaks and facts are help superior to speculations. So how come this is also the place where one Justice out of nine has decided to show judicial indiscipline? Ghana?s Supreme Court may well be the only one in the world on whose floor the words ?shut up? has been uttered during official proceedings. Yet the speaker Tsatsu Tsikata escaped rebuke.

Tony Lithur threw documents on the floor in front of nine justices, and not a word of rebuke was delivered to him. Tsatsu again impugned criminality on the court and by default on the justices. Again no form of rebuke was handed to him. But let Phillip Addison of the NPP state that he does not ?trust? the Electoral Commissioner, and all of a sudden all hell breaks los?

Atuguba, and I am purposefully omitting the title of Justice from his name because he has lost it figuratively. He lost control of that courtroom the moment he allowed Tsatsu to get away with the ?shut up? utterance. Now in his desperate attempt to recapture that control, he felt compelled to show his ?manhood? to an innocent communicator in Sammy Awuku whose out-of-the-courtroom statement of judicial hypocrisy was merely in reaction to folks who had said worst. NDC members from the president down to serial callers had made a mockery of the Supreme Court proceedings that it is a waste of time that would amount to naught. Some even called for civil war and others voiced their support for a coup d?etat if the verdict came in favor of NPP. If those went unpunished, then Atuguba should save us all the stupidity using Sammy Awuku as a sacrificial lamb.

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