The Student Representative Council of the African University College Communications (AUCC) has expressed its deepest sympathy with Ghanaians, especially to the affected people and families who fell victims to last Wednesday?s torrential rains in Accra.

A statement released by the Council on Friday and signed by its President, Mr. Andrew Atariwini says ?Our hearts go out to the bereaved families, thus it is our fervent prayer that, the soothing spirit of the Almighty God will be their strength. For the injured victims, we thank God for your life and same pray that God will heal you soon?.

It states further that ?We are by this statement calling on all students and especially those of AUCC to adhere to the precautionary measures outlined by the Metrological Department, stay glued to their radio and television sets and remain calm as we pray for mercy and the intervention of the city authorities?.

?The SRC will therefore be glad if its entire students can get in touch via the respective class social media platforms.

?This a wake-up call on us as a people to exorcise the ill spirit of partisan politics, political mischief in dealing with issues that are of national concern. The AUCC SRC remains an ardent advocate for the adherence of personal discipline on the part of the general public pertaining to waste management and all other activities that has the propensity of affecting us in such a devastating manner.

?Once again, we wish all affected families that lost their loved once, our deepest condolence and speedy recovery to the injured,? the statement concluded.

Source: Spy News Agency


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