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Austin Dennis Set To Crack More Ribs

Mc Austine

By Elaborbiz TV

As he mounts the stage, one wonders if Austin Denis who describes himself as Ghana?s biggest export to Asia is different from other aspiring ?academic? Ghanaian comedians who often tries to explain the ?joke? rather than tell the joke. But immediately he lets out his first comic line, it?s clear that this is a real master of the game.

Mc Austine
Mc Austine

His reservoir of jokes is bottomless, his materials original and in-depth, his delivery charismatic and his entire act hilarious.

While on stage, one wonders if he is truly Ghanaian, but with Ghanaian comedians like DKB and Funny Face exceptionally doing well in the industry, it becomes clear that self believe, a platform for repeated exposure and super support from local fans is all that is needed by Ghanaian comedians to bring out the best in them.

One such platform that has helped Austin Dennis to polish his act is the Comedy Bar that holds once a month at the Silver Lounge located at the Accra Mall. However, the highly ambitious comedian is in the process of upping his game by staging his own monthly comedy show called Live Comedy Thursday. This show will be holding every first Thursday of the month at Rina?s Restaurant located inside Osu Mall at the Oxford Street Osu Accra.

Among other things he spoke about, the Accra Based Tadi comedian also told this reporter that the first show will happen on the 3rd of September 2015.

How would you describe Ghanaians appreciation for your act?
I think gradually Ghanaian audiences are embracing my type of act and the humor I bring in. I am also learning from the audience. Ghanaian audiences are great in my opinion. They tag along wherever the comedian imagination takes them. Nevertheless I am still in my transition period and I expect that things will get better.
How much longer do you think Ghanaian comedian have to wait before they start enjoying the wealth their counterparts enjoy in other countries?

Soon! It?s true that standup comedy is yet to fully blossom in Ghana, but the signs are encouraging. Comedy in Ghana has huge commercial potentials and its time venues, audiences and us the comedian leverage on that to grow the industry.
What do you make of the notion that Ghana has no comedians or at best very few comedians?

Ghana has no comedian, that?s not true. Few comedians that I can admit, But like I said earlier, comedy is still growing and yet to fully blossom. But I tell you Ghanaian comedians have thick skins. Imagine under condition of huge criticism that they are not funny, Ghanaian comedians are undeterred. Comedians like James Brown, Khemikal, Dave Aglah, Halfco Jacinta, Foster, DKB, David Oscar and myself perform regularly at Comedy Bar, Accra Mall every last Saturday of the month, maybe some of these erroneous notions can be dispelled if cynics came to watch us.
What area of comedy are you mostly invited for?
Frankly, I am invited for standup comedy gigs more than any other branch of comedy. I love creative writing too. I am slowly immersing myself into master of ceremony and I would like to also get that job too.

Why are comedians not used as MCs at social events like weddings?
Ooh I think a lot of my fellow comedians do wedding MC and some other social events like birthday parties and naming ceremonies. But I think standup comedy and MC are fun.

Why and how did you come about staging your own show?
Every comedian worth his salt needs a platform to perform, so this is just another platform, first, for myself and then my comrades to also hone their craft.

What changes do you want to see in Ghana comedy and are you making any plans to effect these changes?

Oh I want to see a lot of changes. Currently there is a sweeping awareness of Ghana?s comedy as compared to the past when comedy didn?t get a look in. obviously I would like to see more venues hosting standup comedy night. Accra night life is littered with musical shows. Getting a decent comedian on the bill would make the night much brighter. Like all comedians, I would want more stage time and more places to perform.

Also to those who book comedians for shows, please pay them. It?s very rude not to pay someone for their work. There isn?t much anyone single individual can do to bring changes; it has to be a collective effort, that is, from the comedians, audience and the owners of the venues. Together we can improve the face of comedy in Ghana.

Where do you see yourself a few years from now?
That?s a hard one. In a few years I see myself being a funnier comedian. That?s the start. If I am funnier, all other things will click. I have been doing this for six years and as with any creative endeavour, you get better with years. So I want to see where that gets me.

What would you want to be known for?
I want to be known as that comedian that was funny. One day I will quit doing comedy. That day will mean comedy is not fun for me anymore. I want to be remembered as the comedian who didn?t just joke about silly things, but about deep and scary things also. I want to be remembered as that comedian who held the mirror to the audience and show them how silly we all are as human. That?s how I want to be remembered.

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