Australian right-wing extremist sentenced to 12-year jail over terror plot

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An Australian man who planned acts of terrorism on “Muslims and lefties” in the city of Melbourne was sentenced to 12-year jail on Friday, local media reported.

Philip Galea, 36, was sentenced by the Supreme Court of Victoria to 12 years in jail, including a non-parole period of nine years for the plots which the judge described as “amateurish,” according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Galea, who was a member of several online nationalist groups, was earlier found guilty of preparing for a terrorist act and making a document likely to facilitate a terrorist act. The plots were targeted at members of the Muslim faith and people on the left side of politics, who Galea regarded as his enemies.

After being arrested for the plots, Galea compiled a manual which he intended to use to incite others to violence. Giving instructions on how to make bombs and other weapons, the materials for the manual were largely plagiarized from 1971’s the Anarchist’s Cookbook.

“You intended it would incite other right-wing extremists to join your cause,” Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth said.

“You clearly regarded Muslims and people on the left wing of politics as subhumans whose lives have no value.” Last year an Australian gunman killed 51 Muslims during an attack on a mosque in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, after engaging with online right-wing forums.

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