Auto Dealers Facing Economic Crisis


Economic crisis is an undeniable situation in Ghana at moment. Companies and factories have no option besides laying off some of their staff in order to cut down expenses for smooth running and flexible operations. Businesses are growing at a slower rate, some collapsing and others drowning in debt which is unpleasant as compared to previous times.
_DSC0117 (1)However, people are still reaching their profit margins amidst the crisis. Auto dealership is a business that adjusts to change more quickly. This is because their service is based on the demand of their collection over a particular period so therefore they are quick to change when taste and preferences change. ?The economy is hard for those who accept the hardship, you can choose to complain and do nothing or accept the crunch and change business style for the better? according to the Chairman of Tema Car Dealers, Mr.Mintah in an interview hosted by Carmudi Ghana ( to know they are surviving from this economic situation.
Auto dealers accept the change and move with the flow to make a better deal no matter the obstacle encountered even thou they have some online platforms that help them to market their brand like and they are doing their best.They believe in the concept that, you control your own life so therefore you should be able to control your business if you consider that your life. Gulp down all failures and loses that come along the way and blame no one but you for making it happen just as you will congratulate yourself for any success story.

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