King Ayisoba

The Nigerian Afro Fusion music group, Villy and the Xtreme Volumes alongside King Ayisoba and Ofie Kodjoe will on Saturday May 24 perform at the Alliance Fran?aise in Accra.

Progressive, energetic and thought-provoking, music from Villy and the Xtreme Volumes is a stomping fusion of traditional Afrobeat, highlife, afro-folk, soul and rock that ask pointed questions to African leaders and confronts Africa?s present issues head on.

The performance, which is titled ?Uncolonised? promises to be an evening of energy, expression, confrontation and education that would ignite the senses.

It would feature original graphic art onstage to add visual punch to the music and its meaning.

Kologo virtuoso, King Ayisoba from the Upper East Region of Ghana, would hypnotise melodic and percussive kologo sounds. Fresh from a performance tour of Europe, Ayisoba is expected to mesmerise fans with new compositions.

Ofie Kodjo has performed around the world for the past 30 years on such shows as BET?s ?Walk of the Fame? and ?Celebration Gospel?, would dazzle the crowd with her stage craft that had endeared her to the hearts of music lovers.

Institut Fran?ais (Ghana) and Alliance Fran?aise in Accra are sponsoring the concert.


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