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AYo Intermediaries Ghana  Launches ‘Pay & Drive’ Auto Insurance

Ayo Intermediaries

AYo Intermediaries Ghana, a subsidiary of MTN Group, has launched a new auto insurance policy named aYo Pay & Drive.

This policy is designed to offer drivers in Ghana a convenient and affordable way to insure their vehicles.

The policy includes a range of benefits, such as coverage for accidental damage, theft, and third-party liabilities, as well as 24/7 roadside assistance. Customers can easily purchase the policy through their mobile phones and pay premiums via mobile money.

The aYo Pay & Drive policy also offers flexible payment options, with daily, weekly, and monthly premiums available to suit customers’ needs.

The policy empowers motor vehicle owners by providing them with greater control, comfort, and peace of mind when purchasing insurance tailored to their vehicle.

It considers the dynamic lifestyles of individuals who may own multiple cars, work as ride-hailing drivers, or simply be private car owners seeking flexible coverage options.

The features of aYo Pay & Drive include the ability to purchase insurance on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, emphasizing flexibility to meet the evolving needs of vehicle owners. The product is the result of a partnership between aYo Intermediaries Ghana and Sanlam Insurance Ghana Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer Of Ayo Ghana Francis Gota
Chief Executive Officer Of Ayo Ghana Francis Gota

The Chief Executive Officer of aYo Ghana, Francis Gota, highlighted that the partnership with Sanlam Insurance Ghana Ltd signifies a union of expertise, vision, and a shared commitment to delivering unparalleled value to clients while meeting their evolving needs.

Reflecting on aYo’s seven-year journey, he emphasized the company’s focus on learning, growth, and deep connections with customers, driven by the unwavering support for aYo’s life insurance policies.

Acknowledging Ghana’s low insurance penetration rate of less than 2%, he expressed confidence that investments in innovation and technology, such as the digital nature of aYo Pay & Drive, could elevate this figure.

“The app’s convenience allows users to seamlessly purchase and manage their motor insurance via the aYo app on their smartphones,” he added.

He announced a pilot phase for aYo Pay & Drive, encouraging user feedback to further innovate and improve the product.

Looking ahead, he expressed excitement for the possibilities in the General Insurance space, foreseeing a future defined by innovation, collaboration, and an unwavering focus on customer needs.

The Managing Director of Sanlam General Insurance, Mabel Nana Nyarkoa Porbley, highlighted the user-friendly interface and seamless functionality of the aYo Pay & Drive policy.

She noted that the product empowers any vehicle owner or driver to purchase insurance for short periods, offering flexibility with durations like 7 days, 10 days, or any period of their choosing.

Porbley emphasized the triumvirate of affordability, convenience, and simplicity embedded in the product, not contingent on usage.

“Pay & Drive promises personalized insurance quotes in minutes, fostering informed decision-making efficiently,” she added.

Porbley presented the allure of a paperless, digitally streamlined experience as a hallmark of environmental consciousness in today’s Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) awareness.

She announced a team of customer service representatives dedicated to providing exceptional support at every step of the insurance journey, offering policyholders comforting assurance.

This partnership is a significant milestone for aYo Intermediaries Ghana as it marks the beginning of a new chapter in their journey to transform the insurance industry in Ghana.

The company hopes to make insurance more accessible to everyone and to create a customer-centric experience that meets the evolving needs of its clients. Overall, the “aYo Pay & Drive” policy is a testament to aYo Intermediaries Ghana’s commitment to innovation, customer service, and making a positive impact on the Ghanaian insurance market.

Source: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/newsghana.com.gh

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