BAJA’S Principles and Practice of Surgery 5th edition launched

A team of lecturers from the Department of Surgeons at the University of Ghana, have launched the 5th edition of the “BAJA’s Principles and Practice of Surgery including Pathology in the Tropics” in Accra, to enhance learning of medical students.


The 5th edition of the BAJA’S Principles is a comprehensive text for surgeons, doctors and medical students, health workers and the public for wider readership in the field of surgery.

University of Ghana
University of Ghana
Professor Isabella Akyinbah Quakyi, Professor of Immunology and Parasitology, University of Ghana School of Public Health, in her review analysis at the launch noted that the text is an extraordinary academic feat with a 1575 pages packed into 63 chapters.

She said the previous editions of the BAJA’S text were in single volume but the 5th edition is in two volumes and also has an electronic-copy that allows for the publication to be downloaded on iPhones, iPads and other devices for easy accessibility.

Prof noted that volume one consists of 38 chapters of which the first 17 deal with the principles of surgery together with topics such as wounds, resuscitation and management of injuries and discussed under the following sub sections, namely history of surgery, role of infection in surgical practice and many more.

Volume two also consists of 25 chapters, which deal with surgical conditions and various organs such as liver, billary system, pancreas, spleen and adrenal glands, urogenital system, vascular and lymphatic systems, neuro and orthopedic surgery, congenital anomalities and diseases of the eye.

The contributors have as well kept faith with readers by maintaining high standards and the strong, pervasive presence and influence of basic biomedical science principles.

She said the book was edited by three professors of surgery namely Emeritus Professor Emmanuel Q. Archampong, Editor in Chief, Professor Simmon Naaeder and Professor Benjamin T. Ugwu together with 71 contributing authors, 50 from Ghana, 20 from Nigeria and one from the Diaspora.

Mr Alex Segbefia, Minister of Health, speaking at the launch, acknowledged the efforts of the team and congratulated them for showing how as Africans they could develop an African response to the major health challenge in all areas of healthcare.

He commended the team for ensuring that this important reading material sees broad day light to benefit students and the entire public.

Mr Segbefia charged them to lay down the framework to ensure sustenance and continued improvement of the book.

He said government would continue to provide the necessary environment for such high levels of academic works to flourish in the country.

Dr Michael Agyekum Addo, Chief Executive Officer of KAMA Industries, appealed to all to buy and make good use of the book.

He encouraged medical professionals and others to document and publish their knowledge and experience to serve as reference to the society.

He expressed gratitude to all the contributing partners and sponsors who helped in the publication of the book and ensuring that the launch was a success.


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