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Baku-Ayivor Royal Family Responds to Alleged Enstoolment of New Chief for Denu

Torgbui Adamah Iii Paramount Chief Some Traditional Area
Torgbui Adamah Iii Paramount Chief Some Traditional Area

The Baku-Ayivor Royal Family of Denu in the Ketu South municipality of the Volta region has served strong warning to any individual or group of people seeking to destabilize the peace and security of Denu.

This warning comes on the back of the purported enstoolment of a new Chief (Dufia) of Denu as Torgbi Baku V.

A press statement issued by the family on Tuesday, June 4 in reaction to the development indicated that the Baku-Ayivor Royal Family remained the bonafide custodians, stool fathers, and kingmakers of the Baku-Ayivor Royal Family of Denu.

The statement said Togbi Baku IV, the current Dufia of Denu, was legitimately nominated, enstooled, and out-doored by the Royal Stool Fathers and duly gazetted on 22nd December 1993. (This can be readily verified from the National House of Chiefs records).

The statement added that “Togbi Baku IV, Dufia of Denu, has since and continues to carry out his mandate dutifully till today, and will continue to do so into the future – Thus since he is alive, no other person can hold himself as Dufia of Denu, and or bear the Baku or any other title in the capacity of Dufia of Denu.”

“It is quite bizarre if not alarming to have some individuals purporting to have installed a new chief for Denu, as Togbi Baku V.

This self-seeking and disturbing incident is illegal, and equally threatens the soul,
peace and security of the people and residents of Denu,” the statement said.

It further indicated that the family had Intelligence information indicating that Togbi Adamah III, Paramount Chief of Some Traditional Area, is a party to this illegality to impose one Mr. Godwin Nyavor, who is not recognized in the royal cycles of Denu on the people.

“This incident has already heightened tension amongst the youth in the Denu township, as witnessed by the firing of arms randomly over last weekend – Any further attempt seeking to interfere with the peaceful reign of Togbi Baku IV and or impose any unknown person on the people of Denu is quite likely to be met
with resistance in equal measure, if not more,” the statement observed.

The statement further called on the state security agencies, through the Ketu South Municipal and Volta Regional Security Councils, to intervene immediately, to forestall the looming chaos, that this development will lead to and disturb the peace-loving people of Denu.

The statement concluded by reminding “all and sundry that, the law-abiding nature and good citizenship being displayed by the Baku-Ayivor Royal Family in these provoking circumstances should not be taken for granted by any party.”

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