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Banning of pure Water Sachet in Ghana would increase tourism


It is interesting to see sale of pure water sachet on the rise. Indeed it helps? our local economy however at what cost?


In researching through the internet to write this article, I realised the concerns of others including the Minister for Water Resources, Works and Housing, Alban Bagbin, and the Security Advisor to the President, Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah (rtd) have both advocated the ban on the production and sale of sachet water, popularly referred to as ?pure water.?


I visited home recently and saw the mess this so-called pure water sachet is creating in the country. The filth is left was everywhere, hospitals, city centres, particularly at?? Tema Roundabout open sewerage. This alone is s enough to drive tourists away from Ghana.


I just can?t believe that this serious health issue on not hot issue on the health Minister?s agenda to banning?? the sale on our high streets.



As argued by the Ministers in the Chronicle, 27/9/13?? the production and sale of sachet water, apart from causing filth in the nation, poses serious environmental and health hazards to the populace. Brigadier General Mensah Nunoo (rtd), in stressing a point to buttress his argument, he said if he had his way he would ban the production and sale of the product, even by tomorrow, said most of the sachet water are produced in unwholesome environments, while in some instances, those who sell them do so in unhygienic conditions.


Ghana ?s open sewerage in Ghana is also adding to the problem.? This is also a health hazard to see hawks selling cooked food along side the open gutters.


Whose is responsibility is it to facilitation better hygiene throughout the country? .

The Minister of Health should bring back sanitation inspectors thus creating jobs in the environmental services in the process. This is much needed in Ghana than anything else.


Re-education of mind set.

The media should campaign on the ban of the sale of pure water with Government backing. Why is?? AMA not going ahead and banned the sale of pure water in Ghana and rather re-educate everyone to carry a bottle in our handbags to take water from our home before we travel. This is because we could recycle bottles.



We never had these problems with pure water sachet and black bags in the country when we shopped with our own baskets?? There is litter everywhere and why are we refusing to put a stop this?


It should be made cool to be seen shopping around in strong steady bags. a compact basket.? We need to star using our own basket when shopping.? When are we going to have covered sewerage system through the country?? Our former Premier Minster Abrefa Busia started this off and was aborted.? Does this exercise warrant Government getting a loan from overseas or perhaps using some of the newfound Oil money to improve Ghana environmental conditions??? Definitely No. Saudi Arabia, Dubai were all suffered open sewerage system however right now they have clearly used their revenues from their oil money to completely given their country a high profile? Which direction is Ghana emulating? One may ask?



Ghanaians are desperately waiting to see improvement in basic sanitation particularly around in the way of banning the sale of pure water sachet, having covered sewerage system around Tema roundabout, circle near the Kaneshi station and other major cities.


As a result we would all healthy population and excellent productivity, safe environment to attract tourists, example, in making Ghana clean, safe and healthy, health gains for the Government, reduced bills on sanitation issues.

?The way forward

I strongly, feel we need the Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing, the Health Minister and Mayor of Accra, the director Zoomilion, and all the Mayors of our cities and towns to sit in one room to decide the way forward in banning the use in the country. This national problem and therefore an integrated action plan is needed to tackle it thus making Ghana? to be a safe desirable place to be. ?This is the only common sense approach to tackle this problem. Your thoughts please ?


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