US voting has become a choice of voting for the lesser of two evils.

By Dennis South

Every year, our politicians TRICK us into voting for one or the other member of the two parties. There really are never any real choices. And when there are, we’re tricked out of voting for the alternative candidate, or candidates, by being ASSAULTED, day in and day out, with the mantra, “But, there’s no chance he can win.” As we get closer to the elections, less and less do you hear anybody saying, “Vote your conscience.” Voting becomes a choice of voting for the lesser of two evils. This happens every election season.

So, you go to the polls thinking, “Well, if I vote for him, he’ll murder ten million human beings. But if I vote for her, she’ll only murder eight million human beings. Well…I guess it’s better to vote for her than him.” And you’re told that you have “no choice” but to vote.

Oh, yes you do! You can decided NOT to vote. If your conscience tells you that both, or however many, candidates are NO GOOD, then you should follow your conscience and NOT VOTE. You should not worry what happens if Republicans get in. Because, look, what worse can they do that hasn’t been done ALREADY?? Jobs are gone. Crime is skyrocketing. Wars are everywhere.

If you keep your eyes open, and follow your conscience, you’ll find an alternative candidate, hopefully, that is running. Dr. Webster Tarpley interviewed one last week (you can go to the guy’s website and read what he stands for, and what his success has been thus far). Here are my comments (you know them) about Barack Obama. Please forward this note to everyone on your mailing list. Yes, give others this information. Let them weigh the information for themselves:

Barack Obama: The Murderer-in-Chief:

IraqAfghanistanPakistanSomaliaYemenLibyaSyriaUganda (Yes, Uganda)Iran (Preparing to murder in Iran)Nigeria (Trying to convince Goodluck Jonathan to let him into Nigeria with TROOPS)

The Murderer-in-Chief helped destroy the most progressive, democratic, modern country on the African continent — Libya. He flaunts his Kenyan-African background. Yet, he helped destroy the most progressive African country on the African continent. Here’s what you should know about Libya, before you vote for that MURDERER:

There was no homelessness in LibyaLibya ranked No. 53 on the United Nations Index of Human DevelopmentThe life span in Libya was the highest of all African countries: 77Education, through college (anywhere in the world), WAS FREEIf you wanted land to farm, the Libyan Jamahiriya would GIVE you land and seeds, for freeEach Libyan receive $500 (DOLLARS) a month in his or her checking account, from Libya’s oil revenue-sharing program. Some figures state much more.Before Gaddafi, the literacy rate in Libya was less than 10%. After Gaddafi, the literacy rate rose to 90%–the highest literacy rate of any country in AfricaGaddafi was going to receive an award from the United Nations, last March, for HUMANITARIANISM. So, why would the UN bestow a humanitarian award on a “brutal dictator?” We’ve been lied to AGAIN (Remember “weapons of mass destruction”?) Gaddafi was no brutal dictator. In fact, he wasn’t a dictator at all, because he had STEPPED DOWN from government in 1979, and was only the “symbolic leader of the Al-Fateh Revolution.” The Jamahiriya would even IGNORE recommendations that he gave, because it was a democracy.Many of the cities of Libya were more modern than European cities. Obama helped destroy those cities.Newlyweds received $50,000 to get them started in life. That’s right.In Libya, the women could drive anywhere they wanted to go, unescorted. This sounds like nothing to us Westerners. But in an Arab country, that’s HUGE. Muammar Gaddafi was the No. 1 FEMINIST leader ON EARTH.In Libya, women could marry FOR LOVE, and did not need the permission of their father or brothers. The NTC, which is now falling apart, is trying to push the women back to the stone age.Women held high positions in Libya, due to EQUAL EDUCATIONLibya shared its wealth with other African countries in a HUGE manner, building projects all over Africa: railroads, schools, hospitals, clinics, factories, you name it.

And there’s a lot more. All of these facts are kept away from you, so that you can continue voting for MURDERERS such as Barack Obama. We all complained about Bush’s murderous ways. Obama has outstripped Bush on the “Index of Murdering Leaders.” He now ranks NUMBER 1 on that index. He, along with Bush, should be dragged before the International Court of Justice, and charged with the crime of GENOCIDE against the Libyan people. He should be locked up in prison, and the key thrown away.

The “first black President”; the Commander-in-Chief. No. The MURDERER-in Chief.

This is the man you’re going to vote for? And I’m afraid that my black brothers and sisters, led by their PREACHERS and the INEFFECTIVE and USELESS Congressional Black Caucus, are going to vote for this murderer anyway.

What an irony! A black man destroyed the most progressive country in Africa. But, maybe it’s prophecy fulfilled. There is a saying of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pboh, peace be upon him), razi allaho anho (May Allah be pleased with him), in which he said that he had a vision of a black man who, in the Latter Days, would tear down the Holy Kaaba.

For those of you who may not know, the Holy Kaaba is the structure, located in Mecca, that Muslims all over the world face when they are standing up for prayers, 5 times a day. That structure is believed to have been built by Adam, the first prophet (not “Adam” the first human being). The building went into disrepair, and was later re-built by Abraham. You can find pictures of it online easily.

Anyway, Prophet Muhammad said that he saw, in a vision, a black man tearing down the Holy Kaaba. He said that that black man had LARGE EARS (Look at the first part of this 60 Minutes interview of Barack Obama. Look at his ears), and little legs.

Well, Barack Obama has not physically torn down the Holy Kaaba. But look at the list of countries above that he is MURDERING in. They are all Muslim countries, except one (Well, except two), except that one, Nigeria, has a large Muslim population. So, Mr. Barack Obama is causing deep desruption in the Islamic world, and I believe that this is wat Rasoolulah (the Messenger of Allah, i.e., Muhammad) meant when he said that he saw a black man “tearing down the Holy Kaaba.” Morris Herman believes that the goal of the U.S. is to “destroy Islam.” Dr. Webster Tarpley believes that the goal of the U.S. is simply to disrupt Muslim countries and countries of the South to keep them off balance, and unable to develop and outstrip the U.S.; to keep them under the thumb of the U.S. and the international banking system.

Barack Obama may be a “dream come true” for black folks in the U.S. who have starved to death for recognition. But, for people in the South and the Muslim world, he’s not a dream: He’s a NIGHTMARE.

Vote your conscience, not the lesser of two evils. Vote your conscience.

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