… As It Wades Into Useless & Vain Defence of Korle-Bu CEO

Prosper Agbenyega

Alhaji Bature Iddrisu
Alhaji Bature Iddrisu

The Al-Hajj Newspaper being edited by Alhaji Bature Iddrisu has been apt but, too late in wading a senseless war against the media houses that have taken it upon themselves to expose the rots and the illegalities that the so called ‘four-member cartel’ is involved in just to ruin the nation’s premiers hospital, for which the likes of Al-Hajj have failed to do all this while even though they are aware.

It beats ones imagination to see how a Newspaper organisation like the Al-Hajjs is bent on defending the defenceless even at the peril of the lives of innocent citizens including patients at the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital.

The Al-Hajj in its Thursday January 19, 2012 edition under the headline “Unrelenting Conspiracy against Korle-Bu EXPOSED (1)-Media Conspiracy Cited,” written by one of its reporters, Rowland Phillips-Addo, claimed that a conspiracy was hatched by some media organisations together with some members of the Korle-Bu Board to destroy the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Board Chairman, Professors Otu Nartey and Andrews Seth Aryeetey respectively. The newspaper also wrote that the orchestrated plan had “backfired.” Interesting!

The Ghanaian Trust is stating unequivocally that it is one of the few media organisations that have taken the pain to the conduct investigations into the activities of the hospital, and indeed, it turns out that the hospital is wallowing in series of mess.

If the Al-Hajjs and their Rowlands will close their eyes to these happenings to see the nation’s flagship hospital destroyed and many lives lost, The Ghanaian Trust and other media which think alike will stay put and continue to fight a good fight until there is total transformation of the hospital. Alhaji Bature’s boys can continue licking their boots for all we care, the battle still continues.

However, the Al-Hajj is also claiming that “Accusations of poor financial performance, importation of goods under aegis of Korle-Bu hospital for private purposes, poor procurement processes, payment of excess allowances, attacks on media personnel have been debunked as untrue by hospital authorities and of course documentary evidence which journalists failed to cross check with the hospital before going to town with their news items. Furthermore accusations of arbitrary dismissal on the part of management and engaging of retired professional has also been explained beyond reasonable doubt.”

Interestingly, the Al-Hajj Newspaper has failed to state the various explanations given by the hospital authorities to the many issues raised in the media.

But if Al-Hajj can be sincere to itself and the people of Ghana, it should publish answers to; The rot exposed by the internal audit report, the payment of Top Ups to Prof. Afua Hesse and Prof. Seth Aryeetey, whether these two professors are employees of Korle-Bu, the misuse of the Global Fund Toyota Hilux car with registration number GE 8982 Y given to the Fevers Unit, Felicity Commey’s actions with impunity, the recovered diaries, whether Prof. Aryeetey is a management staff of the hospital, the useless retreat at Ho in the Volta Region where millions of Ghana Cedis was spent, the Audit Report indicting the CEO and Felicity Commey, the over $61,000 inflation on prices of Analyzer Reagents by Felicity Commey, among others.

Indeed if the likes of The Al-Hajj have done their homework well enough, they would have known the truth even better than some of us. Surprisingly, the Al-Hajj and its Boss Bature have shirked their ethical values and stooped as low as a pauper licking the boots of the very people who want to destroy the country’s number one health service provider, allowing these same people to feed the m with lies to fight back at the media.

Anyway, who told the Al-Hajj Newspaper that, the Korle-Bu teaching hospital is enjoying a comparative industrial harmony? This is serious. After the Board Chairman has rendered even the Board he is presiding over useless, destabilizing the core fabric of the hospital set up and turning staff against each other; is this peace?

The Al-Hajj Newspaper needs to do more work, probably investigate the more. If indeed they want proof, they can call on us. There are lots of issues about the people they are trying to protect and defend, that are backed by facts, documents and figures. It is however surprising that till today, the so-called journalists at Al-Hajj newspaper who always stand by their journalistic ethics, has not been following the media publications so far.

But for a question posed by Al-Hajj so far, “Why shouldn’t the media leave personalities in Korle-Bu alone…,” the media will, but not until the hospital is clean, not until the likes of Alhaji Bature and his Al-Hajj see the truth.

Anyway, he can lead his pay masters to engage the said media on a different platform rather than this useless war they sought to engage the media in, because that will not help them a bit.

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